Boat Brokerage RIB’s

Ashton Marine Services Ltd are well known for our love of power boats especially good handling RIB’s ie Redbay, Delta, Halmatic range, Coastline, Island RIB’s etc.

As a boat  broker this means we are not only advertise your boat in the usual places but we are also well known on all the major RIB social media platforms including forums, buy and sell groups and have  1000’s of names in our customer relationship management system (CRM) that we can also target for your boat.

In other words as your boat broker we know we can proactively market your RIB as well as advertise it. When you add that to our background and formal training in sales and marketing we are extremely confident of selling your boat quickly and for the right money. 

Also as users of these on a regular basis we can also explain the differences between the different makes and know how to prepare the boat for a sale.

As a boat broker we also work with the best RIB repair company in Scotland who also do a lot of commercial RIB work including oil and gas, safety boats and the MOD. This means we advise very quickly if you would gain by doing anything to the boat ie make more money after costs of any work compared to leaving as it is.

All boat broker staff have minimum of a Power Boat 2 course with over 30 years’ experience and are fully insured so we can also demonstrate the boat to its potential new owners.


  • We use RIB’s on a regular basis
  • We are formally trained in sales and marketing
  • We have relationships with leading RIB manufactures
  • We have a database of potential buyers.
  • We know the difference between the brands as we have used most of them
  • We offer a boat delivery service as a core part of our business.
  • We all have PB2 and over 30 years’ experience
  • We are by far the most active boat broker on the RIB forums

If that is not enough to convince you that we are the best choice as a boat broker then simply google our company name to see what our clients have said in their reviews.

For more information about our boat brokerage service for RIB’s including leisure and commercial boat brokerage please contact Dave on 0759 563 8185