Boat Monitors

The development of new technology makes looking after your boat far easier and Ashton Marine Services Ltd can now provide, what we believe is, the best boat monitoring solution on the market.

Yacht Sentinel is powered by an industry standard Intel processor; is fully wireless, simple installation with no cabling required and running on version V6, ie stable and proven software. Even better, is that they offer probably the smallest yearly charge and free lifetime software upgrades.

What it does

YS6 boat monitor is an intelligent boat monitoring security system that enables you to remotely check your boat’s status through their mobile app or online Web App. It acts like a virtual crew member, keeping an eye on your boat 24/7 and letting you know if there are any problems when you’re away.

Key Benefits

Notifies you of any issues including:

  • Too much water in the bilge
  • Tells you if the boat has moved ie stolen, lost its mooring etc,
  • Informs you of any impact ie if someone hits your boat or if it hits something
  • Checks your batteries so you are warned if they are running low
  • Tilt ie. Tells you if the boat tilts/ lists
  • Informs you of loss of shore power
  • Notifies you of anyone going inside the cabin

Designed with state-of-the-art technology, YS6 offers a wide range of advanced functions, yet it is easy to set up and simple to use. Using free worldwide 3G/4G coverage*, YS6 offers an affordable, reliable solution with very low power consumption.

Wireless Sensors

The sensors are all wireless and this means there is no need to run cables through your boat. It is very simple to add extra sensors and very simple to take with you when you change or upgrade your boat unlike a system that is hard wired.

Proven Technology

Yacht Sentinel is now on version 6 and runs off an Intel processor ie runs on the world’s leading computer processor chip set. It also comes with free lifetime updates so that your system is never out of date.

Global reporting with local response

Yacht Sentinel works on both Android and Apple platforms and also enables you to allow other people/ companies to be notified of any alarms / issues with your boat on a very easy to use phone app.

This enables users of the boat monitor to designate local people/ companies to attend for you if you are too far away do deal with immediate problems.

Lowest Subscription Fees

The first 2 years subscription are included FREE in all packages and after this Yacht Sentinels boat monitor is only £50.00 per year. This is less than half the price of many other systems on the market.

Modular Solution

The standard package has alarms for:

  • Geofence i.e. monitors your boat position
  • Battery
  • Tilt
  • Shock

If additional alarms are required these can added as and when needed for between £60-£80 per sensor

i.e. high water sensor (to tell you if there is to much water in the boat ) is only £60.00

For More information on this award winning solution please contact Dave on 0759 563 8185.