Multi Boat Trailers

Ashton Marine Services provides the widest range of Multi Boat Trailers in the UK  –  Including

  • Multiboat Dinghy Trailers (with or without launching trolleys)
  • Multiboat Canoe / Kayak Trailers
  • Box Trailers with Dinghy Racks
  • Double and Triple Stackers etc.
  • Regatta Trailers
  • 6 Boat Trailers

We provide the a huge range of multi boat trailers with or without storage for 2+ boats. If your requirement is not listed please call and we will provide a quote and a CAD (computer aided design) picture so you can see what it will look like and how it works.

Please note that multi boat trailers that include launching trolleys will consist of 1 x road base and 1 x launching trolley per boat i.e. a 3 x boat multi with launching trolleys will have 1 x road trailer and 3 x launching trolleys.

Club Trailers

If you are part of a club i.e. sea cadets, sailing clubs etc. and have trade in trade trailers please let us know so we can take this into account when quoting

For further information please contact Ashton Marine Services on 07595 638185 or click here to send us a message

We are open 7 days a week and most Bank Holidays between 8am and 8pm