Brokerage & Sourcing

Ashton Marine Services provides a light commercial services for the selling and sourcing of:

  • RIBs regardless of age 
  • Light commercial fishing ie sub 60K boats and Creel boats.
  • Charter boats


All boats are advertised on the leading UK sites and on forums, specialist group sites, and to our large (and growing) network of contacts.

We take care of all advertising including pictures and videos, offers, viewings, contracts etc and work on a small percentage of the sale price at typically around 4.5-6% depending on the value of the boat.

  • What makes Ashton Marine Services different?
  • We have over 40 years proactive marketing experience
  • Your boat is advertise your boat on all leading sites, forums and groups
  • We promote your boat proactively to our network
  • We have over 50 years of sales experience and have all been formally sales trained
  • We take and show videos as standard

As a small growing company your business matters and we think this is best shown by over 40+ 5 out of 5 reviews in our first year of trading. 

For more information please click here or call Dave direct on 0759 563 8185


Ashton Marine Services provide a flat fee on success sourcing services for commercial boats to:

Find your boat

Reduce the purchase price

Inspect the boat ie make sure its as advertised including engines, hull, trailer (where applicable) electronics etc

Make sure the purchase contract protects you the buyer

Organise any changes you require through our partners ie electronics, engines etc.

Arrange delivery of your boat anywhere in the UK including the Scottish Islands.

This service is designed to not only save you time but also money and reduce the risk of buying the wrong boat.


2.5% of the boat purchase price ex VAT (where applicable) Minimum fee £250.00

1.5% for boats over £50,000

The above fees are only payable on completion and delivery of the boat to the location of your choice.

For more information please click here or call Dave direct on 0759 563 8185