Drive on docks

Drive on docks are becoming the new way to store your boat as they have many advantages including:

  • Saves time and money as no antifouling is needed
  • Engines are not in the water so don’t need cleaned and anodes don’t need to be replaces as often
  • Provides a walkway round the boat for quick and easy hull inspection and easier to put on boat covers
  • Retains the value of your boat as no antifouling is on it cover osmosis and repairs
  • Enables you to flush the engine with fresh water without putting the boat on land.

These drive on docks can also be taken with you if you change where you keep your boat. They also  can be adapted to most boats by making it bigger or smaller, so if your boat changes simply  change the configuration and add or remove blocks as required.

Why choose a Tetradock drive-on dock?

  • The plastic used in all Tetradock floats is a high molecular weight High Density Polyethylene (HmwHDPE) which is UV stable, corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly as it is non-toxic and 100% recyclable.
  • Tetradock floats are probably the strongest and most durable floats available today. Importantly, the connecting lugs on our floats (which do all the hard work) are a much heavier duty design (thicker and stronger) than almost all other brands on the market.
  • Tetradocks’ central U floats are a full 1 metre wide – giving more width stability. And more economy too as these wide U floats, combined with our stronger connecting lugs, mean our standard docks don’t need an extra row of cube floats down each side. This space saving design gives a massive saving in cost when compared to some other brands of dock.
  • The central U floats are curved rather than angular – so they cradle the hull evenly and keep the parked boat more upright – without the need to bodge black plastic drain pipes on, like you see on some other makes of dock. This curved design is also much better at self aligning the boat for easy drive-on-ability.
  • The U floats are completely smooth – so your hull doesn’t scrape across a tread pattern meant for grip and friction.
  • Easy self installation or professional installation by our technicians.
  • Because Tetradocks aren’t overpriced to start with, they retain more of their value and will hold a re-sale value for many years to come. 
  • Tetradocks come with a 3 year guarantee – even if yours is self-installed.

For more information on Tetradock’s drive on docks please contact Dave on 0759 563 8185