Scottish Boat Show 2018

Scottish Boat show 2018

Scottish Boat Show Update:

First thanks to everyone who came to our stand and great to see some of you again and a huge thanks for the invites out on your boats. You really dont need to offer but as always if we can we are happy to accept!!

So what was new?

On our stand Sentinel Point was of big interest the wireless boat monitoring system .

LanoShield. Simply thank you for buying so much. for those of you who missed the show Lanoshield can be found and ordered on our website.


a Big thanks to John for standing in the rain for 2 days and all 4 units he came up with have been sold. If you need more information on Pontoons and drive on docks simply call us.


Some interesting RIB’s came to the show this year but for most of you I am not sure you would think a few of them are perfect for the Scottish market!!

Remember if you are looking for a west coast rib please call and we will source them for you and if its 2nd hand any changes made can be done by our partner RIB’s Marine Services.

New Show Layout

For us the new layout of the show worked well but please do send us a PRIVATE message on your thoughts so we can pass this on to Inverkip for next year.

Biggest Issues noted

Fuel or bad fuel was high on the list again this year and so was a growing desire for eco-friendly products.

The other issue was the concern of new the quality of new build boats and what makes we expect to stand the test of time.

A Thank you to our partners.

Last but not least we would like to pass our thanks on for all their support:

John@ Tetradock. He braved wind , rain and a long drive to support us and hence a BIG BIG thank you.

Euan at You and Sea: For having the best team of RYA trainers in Scotland and helping so many of our clients.

Craig Reid@ Rib’s Marine Services. As many of you will know we have recommended them a lot this year and to hear the great feedback has confirmed that Craig’s team are the only boat repair/ modification company we recommend. If you have a RHIB or GRP boat that needs some work then this is the place to go.

Scottish Boat Show 2018

We are next to the RNLI stand inside the big tent at the Scottish boat show from Friday the 12th to Sunday the 14th.  Special offers on:

  • Lanoshield
  • Yacht Sentinel the best boat monitoring solution available
  • All trailer orders at the show will also get a free 250ml tub of LanoShield and a 500ml bottle of LanoShield spray. 
  • Tetradock pontoons and drive on docks

We will also have Aquamoor on our stand so please say hello to Lawrie as he will have Moorflex which is stronger than rope and chain and last a lot longer, along with their other mooring solutions including helical screw anchors.


New Hire trailer available

We have just purchased a new hire trailer with 60 rollers, 2850KG max boat weight that is now available for bookings. It also has a spare wheel and lock.  

SRG4/250 HD

Now selling award winning boat monitor solutions


We are now selling award winning boat monitor solutions YS v6 and are the only dealer in Scotland to have this solution.

For more details please see



Mets Trade Trip 14-16 November

Just to let you know we are ALL of to Metstrade the worlds largest boat trade show to look at some new products and hope to bring news soon if they are as good as we hope they are.  If you are aware of anything new we should be looking at please to get in touch.


Ashton Marine Services team

Southampton Boat Show Review 2017

Southampton Boat Show Review 2017

Having been at the show from set up to the very end we thought we would post a quick review of some of our highlights


These varied a lot and please remember we only looked at some of them so if your favourite boat is not listed we are sorry.

REDBAY: Most people know them for their stormforce range but they had stunning leisure boat on display that was grabbing a lot of attention. This also had the new Suzuki twin 350 outboards. Please see pictures.

Island RIBs Not only were they there showing off their latest boats but this boat stands out for build and ride quality. Yes there was more bling at the show but as you will see from the pictures it is not bad looking and had the best build quality we have seen.

Stinger: What can you say apart from wow. It looks stunning, good reputation and again was drawing in the crowds

Ribcraft: Though they had a lot of boats at the show the 5.85 and 4.8 are still 1 of the 2 best RIBs we have ever been on at that size. Great work, but we suspect with an old favourite now back in production they will not have it all their own way for long!

Fishing Boats

All the usual suspects were there and though there are so nice boats over 18 feet the market leader Warrior was clearly doing well with their range of performance fast fishers. This year they had a few nice tweeks ie more wife friendly.  With them launching a new boat next year (offshore 795 ) we can only see them winning more market share.

On the bigger side there seems still to be no market leader and hence the Merry fisher, Orkney stands etc were busy.   The Orkney classics were also still very popular ie the coastliner and still for us the market leader. This mid-range market is clearly where a lot of buyers were unsure as to what to buy and hence there seemed to be a lot of brochure collecting and discussion re the ample choice available.

There was also a lot of chat about inboard engines with specific note on turbo problems on some make.  The Nani engine seems to be the one with the best reliability compared to a few other makes but this could just be gossip.

TIP: Please research this as a mistake will cost over a thousand to sort let alone the time it will take to get it fixed.


This must be the most competitive market at the show with boats ranging from 18k upwards with some amazing toys on display.   Our star of the show will be a surprise as it was probably the cheapest boat there and yet we thing it will sell in the hundreds every year. Arba Nautika are based in Croatia and make what look likes an update Shetland 535. This is small enough to tow , has a flared semi cathedral hull and simply looks stunning with a on the  water price including engine trailer etc of only 18K.

Boats Misc

The show had a growing number of 50’s styled boats on the pontoons that do seem perfect for our inland lochs. One even had a electric roof that we hope had a way of stopping going down every few minutes or it would only be good for very short people!!

Missing boats

The most obvious range that was missing was the Carson range by Probond Marine.  Their ribs at the smaller side will give the Ribcraft 4.8 and 5.85 competition with the larger range taking on the likes of Delta, Redbay etc.

The show itself

Numbers were down and some stands did not even turn up but…….. there were people their clearly looking to buy and for us on the CubiSytems stand the quality was stunning ie people had done their research so overall we are delighted.

This is clearly the UK’s biggest show and had by far the widest range of boats for sale and hence is still worth the trip if you are looking to buy.  It is also still the best place to try several boats and check the built quality. 

TIP: Some boats are devaluing far more than others so our tip would be to check 2nd hand prices.

For those of you in Scotland we will see you at Inverkip between the 13-15 of October and this time though some boats will not be there for RIB fans the Carson 9m with 900hp will be and its little sister the 5.5.  Please also remember that there will be a lot of good handling boats at the show with great build quality due to where they are being used.

Before we go we would like to say a few thanks to people and companies that have helped us.

FOOD: The Crispy duck stand for making Dave A that bit fatter

August Race:  This is for the most helpful people at the show and were a joy to work with.

Best New Engines. Wow there is a lot of choice here with Tohatsu new 15 and 20 EFI and the Suzuki 350 twin prop for us loses out to the 5hp EPuslion electric outboard for kicking Torqueedo of their perch.  At last we have good competition in this area.

Best Taxi home: Thanks to Island RIB’s . simply stunning and again were very helpful during the show. Alex and Brian you win the bacon role for best build quality as well.

Best Engineering: Sorry this can only go to 1 man and that is Mike of the Mersea trailer group who decided to suspend trailers above his desk.  Now that is confidence!!

Funniest sign: SAXX selling boxer shorts with a note that says give your ball s a hug!

Happiest person on a stand: Loads of people could have won this but with a lot of bias thrown in Jonny North wins again of Suzuki. Does he ever not smile?

Stars on our Stand:  Oban Duncan wins this who came 2nd in the Honda Youth Challenge and our pride of Scotland. She is simply great fun to be around . 2nd place goes to our pals from the RNLI that we seem to bump into at every show! 3ndplace goes to Sue Wright who runs the Shetland owners forum who we simply love to bits. This woman has done loads to stop people getting ripped off when buying these boats and is a huge credit to the marine sector. 

Most unfunny Jokes: Sorry but this goes to DC of Ashton Marine. Scottish banter is clearly lost on the English.

Hope to see some of you again at the Scottish boat at Inverkip on the 13-15 of October


New Partnership for boat trailer servicing

Boat Trailer Servicing

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with RIB Marine Services for trailer servicing.  They will now be our only service partner for servicing and are fully NTTA aproved. For more information please see boat trailer servicing page.




Boat Trailer Hire

We have had a number or request for boat trailer hire so we have listened and have started renting out some of our trailers for people who dont need to own one but do need to move a boat.

At the moment we have 2 trailers for hire including a Rapide twin axle braked trailer with spare wheel , flushing kit, 3 moving cradles with rollers and will take boats up to 2100 kg. Please note that this boat trailer for hire is over 750kg so if it is loaded to its maximum rating your car must be able to tow 3 tons. 


Commercial boat trailers now available

Commercial boat trailers now available

Ashton Marine Services are delighted to now be able to offer commercial boat trailers with your own company branding.

The range is aimed at:

Commercial Boat Trailers: These have extra rollers, twin bars with more hooking points and come with your own branding on the chassis, spare wheel, flushing kits as standard.

Trailers for boat builders: We now supply trailers for boat builders who sell to the leisure market and these are Snipe trailers that come with your own company branding on the trailer and are pre-set up for your boat range so that you don’t need to waste valuable time.


FRIBs now available from Ashton Marine Services Ltd

We are delighted to be now selling the F-RIB the only folding RIB and probably the most versatile boat ever made.   For more details  there are also lots of online reviews ie Jan 2017 or see a very independent review at

All we can say after that is enjoy.