We have added this guide due to some people simply sending emails with trailer orders and though we like this we are keen to provide the best service possible so:

Things to consider if you simply want order and not speak to us:

Boat trailer length is more than the trailer length needed due to a small overhang at the back and boat eye being part way down the hull that on most boats slopes down at an angle.

Boat weight:  Most companies quote dry boat weight and hence do not include engines, fuel, safety equipment, your own personal equipment etc.  It is there for vital that these other factors are taken into consideration when working out what boat trailer is right for your requirments

How your boat is powered:  As boats use a variety of different methods to power them ie outboard, inboard with leg and inboard shaft drive it is vital to let us know  on your order so we can ensure your boat fits on the trailer without causing damage

NOTE : If you contact us we will guarantee it will be the right trailer for your boat. Any order placed without telling us what boat it is for is at the buyers risk and can not be returned.

All orders must include

  • Invoice details ie name address and contact number
  • Boat make model and how it is powered.
  • When you need it to be ready for collection

Thanks for reading this and please think of us if you ever look to change your boat as we are happy to sell your old boat for you and source a new one based on your requirements