RIB & SIB Boat Trailers

Ashton Marine Services offers the widest range of RIB trailers in the UK including:

Our RIB trailers range from sub 4m RIB launching trailers/ yard trailers to 20m+ commercial stainless-steel trailers with a max boat weight of 4300kg.

Our galvanised trailers are robot cut and welded, have a choice of bunked version or rollers with full swing cradles, EU/ UK road legal, quick release light boards, high spec winch etc.

Stainless Stel Trailers: These have some amazing options including waterproof oil filled bearings, disk brakes, walking platforms (so you can walk round boat on your trailer), Nano coatings etc.

SIB trailers

We are also the only Scottish dealer that sells SKID trailers for SIB’s ie they have 4 low friction support bars and not carpet bunks. Please click on the SIB trailer link above for more details.

For more information on our 5 star rated trailers please either click the link the brand name above or call on 0759 563 8185