RIB Support

Ashton Marine Services partner with RIB’s Marine Services in Clynder on the Clyde who are Scotland’s leading RIB repair, modification Company and have clients that include the MOD, Police, aquaculture, tour boats, private users etc.

Services include

  • Tube repair and if required replacement
  • GRP repair including damage, transoms, decks etc
  • Changing of seat layouts ie consoles , jockey seats
  • Fabrication of A frames
  • Adding extra storage
  • Coding RIB’s for commercial operations

They will also service your trailer (NTTA centre) inboard, outboard, jet drive etc.

RIB Marine Services also offer a mobile service for clients where it is not practical to bring the boat to them.

For more information please either call us at Ashton Marine Services on 0759 563 8185 or call them direct on 01436 650 115  / 07736 619263