Rust & water protection

Marine Grade Lanolin

We became a supplier of environmentally friendly none wash off (needs more than 200 bar or 3000 psi pressure)  Lanolin originally to add value to our trailer services but now use it for lots of marine jobs ie everything that needs water and rust protection including electrical connectors,  axles, nuts and bolts, chain, propellers (stops marine growth) etc


  • Water resistant
  • None leaching
  • None evaporating
  • Acid & Alkaline resistant
  • None conductive to 70w
  • Does not evaporate
  • Salt resistant
  • Rated as none hazardous

What it is used for …..the short list!

  • Rust protection ie trailer axles, nuts etc
  • Waterproof and great for protecting electrical fittings including circuit boards, switch panels etc.
  • Protects and preserves metal plastics and rubber, hypalon  etc.
  • Lubricate marine parts ie chains, o rings , cogs etc

In summery this natural wool bi product has a lot of uses and comes in various sizes from single trailer 250ml tubs and sprays to 192Kg drums.

It comes as a hard grease, soft grease (for lubrication jobs) and spray form.

Prices start at £15.00 for a 250ml hard grease (turns into a thick liquid when heated) or £14.00 for the a spray. Discounts for larger volumes start at 5l 25l and 208l

For more information please contact Dave on 0759 563 8185 or click here