Boat Antifouling

Ashton Marine Services antifouls boats of all sizes across Scotland to save our customers doing the messy work. We also offer several different solutions including:

Standard Antifoul: Clean of the hull, mask the boat for a good finish, then apply the correct antifoul solution for the boat taking into account hull speed, fresh or sea water use.

Coppercoat your boat:   A more expensive solution but it does last far longer, which proves cost effective in the long run if applicable for the area you boat is kept.

Ultrasonic Solutions:  We install and fit ultrasonic solutions to the boat which kills the algae making the antifoul last far longer  – typically four to five times longer than the standard application. Although the most expensive solution, if you plan on keeping your boat for more than 5 years or want to maximise your hull speed then it could be the best option in the longer term.

NOTE:  The type of antifoul paint needs to be matched by the place that the boat will be kept ie coppercoat is not great for some areas of the West Coast of Scotland.  


For more information please call Dave Ashton on 0759 563 8185.