SIB Trailers

We are delighted to be the only dealer in Scotland for the low friction 4 bar SIB boat trailer from Snipe.

This trailer has been made to give more support than a standard bunked trailer and uses a plastic cover on the 4 bars to reduce friction compared to using carpet. 

They come with a transom support so you can tow with the engine attached, robot cut, high spec winch, and are fully adjustable. 

These are the same design of SIB trailers that are made for the RNLI and we believe having used both types the best that you can buy. 


As with all our trailers we can make these to any size you require so all we need is the make and model of your SIB to provide you with a solution.


ModelTotal Max weightPrice

For more information on these trailers or to find out about availability please call Dave on 0759 563 8185

Notes:  Launching trolleys are also available. You also might want to consider the FRIB that you will also see on our website as these as very quick to get on the water compared to SIB’s and also give you a GRP hull.