Vanclaes Boat Trailers

Ashton Marine Services are committed to finding and sourcing  the best boats and trailers in the world and are delighted to provide the Vanclaes stainless steel boat trailer range.

We believe the Vanclaes trailers are simply the best that money can buy and though they are a bit more expensive that a standard trailer they have some huge advantages of galvanised boat trailers including:

  • Look far better after a few years let alone 10+ than any galvanised trailer
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Make your boat worth more when selling it
  • Fantastic yet simple roller system for quick recovery and launching
  • Have the widest range of boat trailers compared to any manufacture in Europe giving you the best fit for your boat
  • They are happy to customise any trailer
  • Have by far the best options for trailers that we have ever seen including sealed oil hub bearings, disk brakes etc.

Put simply we believe that these are the best trailers stainless steel trailers that money can buy but they are around 30-40% more than a galvanised trailer. for more information please call  Dave on 0759 563 8185 or contact us through our web enquiry form by clicking here.