About us

Ashton Marine Services Ltd (AMS) is owned by Dave who is an experienced and enthusiastic boat user who started trading in October 2016 providing boat services (brokerage and boat sourcing at a fixed fee) to his many boating friends.

Boat Trailer Dealerships:

Snipe, Bramber, Mersea ( UK’s leaders in dinghy / yacht trailers and who supply to people such as Laser etc). Rapide (commercial spec boat trailers) yard trailers, cradles and yacht stands.  If it floats and is less than 16 tons the Ashton Marine Services can provide you with a trailer for your boat.


Put simply as ex marketing consultants and sale people that are also keen on being on the water could we are well placed to sell / find your boat.  Why not call for a chat  on 0759 563 8185. Open 7 dyas a week.

Our reviews:

Our clients have been very active in reviewing the Company and and their feedback (which we are very proud of) can be seen here AMS Feedback .

Following us:

Like a lot of companies we have a facebook page and twitter page where we post things like

  • New products and services
  • All major boating shows
  • Changes in regulations
  • Partner updates

To follow us on Facebook please click AMS fb and to follow us on Twitter please click AMS tw

Opening Hours:

If you wish to chat about trailers, boat sourcing, brokerage or simply want a bit of independent advice we are available from 8am to 10pm 7 days a week. We can not promise to have a instant, ideal solution for you, but if we cannot help there is a good chance that we know a company or person that we trust that can!


to contact us please call 0759 5638185 or click here