Ashton Marine Services Ltd are current suppliers to boat builders, boat maintenance companies, fisheries, RYA training Centres, Oil and Gas etc.  

Current expertise and products

  • Boat trailers, inc yacht stands, show room boat trolleys , yard trailers, heavy duty road trailers etc.
  • Brokerage: For RIB’s, creel boats, light commercial fishing boats, coded safari boats
  • Anti Rust Protection : This is grease and or a spray and 100% bio and does not wash off!
  • RYA Training: Through our partner You and Sea RYA training centre
  • Boat Monitor:  Covers Geofence i.e. where the boat is and if it has moved/ stolen. Bilges, collision, batteries, etc. 
  • SLA Service Contracts: We can now cover through our partners most of the west coast of Scotland on an SLA basis for clients that need inboard/ outboard servicing more than once a year.
  • Boat Sourcing:   Fixed fee boat sourcing for all RIB’s, safari boats etc.
  • New Cheverton Champ fishing boats
  • Fleet Management:  Award winning fleet management solutions starting at just £500 per boat.

This growing side of our business has meant we now plan to expand our products and services in 2018 and these will be listed in this section.

For more information please call 0759 563 8185 or  click here.