F-RIB Boats (Folding RIB’s)

The folding RIB is a well-tested and proven boat with a GRP hull that has sold in thousands worldwide.  They are ideal as a tender (2.75M model), are perfect for fishing with a range from 3.3-4.6M and for exploring coastal areas.

The design concept is incredibly simple and was first developed in Russia to be used as a hard-bottom boat that could be quickly and easily transported. 

For those of you who know your RIB’s you will be very aware of the Searider 4.m that is now classed as a classic boat and although F-RIB is not quite up to that legendary performance it’s not that far from it! It has also just been reviewed again and awarded 5 out of 5 rating!

Key Benefits

  • Solid GRP (fibreglass) floor
  • Very little difference in weight between standard inflatables and F-Rib’s e.g.  Honwave 3.8m air floor 48Kg and F-RIB 3.6m 48Kg
  • Quick to get on the water i.e. around 5 Min
  • Easy to prepare as it simply folds out and the sections interlock
  • Very  stable boating platform so perfect for fishing and tenders
  • Takes up to 25Hp (note – we recommend max 15Hp for most people)
  • RCA Cat ‘C’ rated i.e. designed for coastal waters, large bays, lakes with waves up to 2 meters – the same as most pleasure boats
  • Fits in the back of your car so no trailer required and has been fitted to camper van bike racks
  • Impressive performance with a nominal 15Hp (not even the max of 25Hp) as shown in the below table
Load (adults) Speed (mph) Speed (km/h) Speed (knots)
1 28.6 43.2 24.8
2 23.9 38.4 20.7
3 22.5 36.2 19.5
4 21.6 34.7 18.7
5 19.3 31.1 16.7

This test was conducted in March 2010 by Boats and Yachts Magazine with different payloads using a 15HP 4 stroke Suzuki

This makes the F-RIB one of the most versatile boats ever made which can be used not just for fishing, but also to take the family out on the water, as high performance tender than can be beached and most importantly great for exploring new lochs, lakes, and coastline

Fisherman:  The most common model sold for 2 people fishing in the sea or lochs is the F-RIB 360 model and normally sold with the F-RIB tube covers for even more protection against hooks and to keep the boat clean

Sailors:  The most popular model bought is the F-RIB 275 which can be stored in a locker or we can attach davit rings

Caravan Owners: Most F-RIB models will fit inside a caravan when folded down so please see the below table for the different size options available

Max Load
F-RIB 2752.75 Mtrs36 Kg3300 Kg5 - 10 Hp15 Hp900x900x450£2,195.00
F-RIB 3303.30 Mtrs43 Kg4450 Kg5 - 10 Hp15 Hp1050x940x450£2,695.00
F-RIB 3603.60 Mtrs48 Kg4700 Kg10 - 15 Hp25 Hp1100x900x450£2,995.00
F-RIB 3753.75 Mtrs56 Kg5750 Kg10 - 15 Hp25 Hp1100x1100x500£3,295.00
F-RIB 4304.35 Mtrs68 kg6800 Kg15 - 20 Hp30 Hp1150x1150x500£3,995.00

F-RIB Prices Include as Standard: Oars, Foot Pump, Hull and Accessory Storage Bags, Repair Kit and Removable Seat or Seats (depending on size)

Optional Extras:

Bench Seat Cushion: F-RIB Bench Seat Cushion (50mm thick) £49.95

Bench Seat Bag: Waterproof seat bag that attaches to the zip on the cushion £49.95

Bow Canopy:  For that bit of protection from the rain  £185.00

Full Canopy: Full canopy that turns your F-RIB in to a foldable weatherproof fun boat! £440.00

Launching Wheels: These are big wide wheels and perfect for sandy beach launches. Far better than most inflatable launching wheels we have seen  £160.00

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