Sourcing New & Used RIB’s

Ashton Marine Services help you find the right RIB to meet all your needs using our long experience of in-depth market knowledge both in technical and commercial terms with practical real time experience of today’s wide variety of make and models all over the UK

Things to consider when buying a new or used RIB

  • Size and type
  • Speed required
  • Where it will be used
  • What conditions it will be used in
  • How important is ride and handling
  • The look of the boat
  • Resale values
  • Equipment i.e. bottle racks for Scuba Diving, Rod holders for fishing etc.
  • How it is powered (many marina’s in Scotland do not have petrol available on site)
  • Protection from the elements (it has been know to rain in Scotland!)
  • Safety equipment (not all RIB’s have room for an auxiliary or backup engine let alone twin engines)

Our wide range of contact start at folding RIB’s from less than 3 meters to 12 meter plus commercial RIB’s and prices from a few thousand to over several hundred thousand.  

The RIB’s also vary a lot in even basic things like what they are made from including GRP, Aluminium to RIB’s that are made in part with Kevlar and Carbon Fibre used in very high end performance boats.

Put simply, we are 100% independent and will source a new or used RIB that matches your requirements and matches our desire to only source quality boats that we are proud to put our name against. We will also always recommend at least 2 (normally 3) makes and models so that you can compare these by having a sea trial knowing that they fully meet your requirements.

Used RIB’s

We have helped lots of people source used RIB’s to  help the avoid the common pitfalls that are sometimes found when buying this type of boat including:

  • Condition of the tubes
  • Actual expected performance 
  • Is there liens on the boat
  • State of the trailer
  • Proof of ownership
  • Engine condition (checked by an Ashton Marine Services partner)
  • Negotiate the best price

For further information please call Ashton Marine Services on 07595 638185 from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week and most bank holidays or click here to send us an enquiry through the website