Snipe Boat Trailers

Ashton Marine Services are thrilled to be offering for sale the UK’s leading brand of Boat Trailers – Snipe Boat Trailers – which are still being manufactured in Colchester, England to the extremely high standards they have always been but the way they are built has changed considerably.  Today all Snipe Boat Trailers are built by the same process whether in standard or bespoke/modified form:

  • Expert advice – to understand which trailer is best suited for your requirements and also to provide you with a few options i.e. bunked or rollers etc.
  • An AutoCAD drawing of the model being built creates a parts list which is sent to the production team
  • A special steel bending machine is used prior to being cut and welded by automated robots guaranteeing high precision and quality
  • All steel parts are then sent to be hot dipped galvanised to ISO 1461 standard and checked for quality
  • The production team receive all the parts and final assembly begins: axles, wheels & mudguards, tow hitch & jockey wheel, winch & strap and finally EU/UK lighting is added
  • The final process is quality control prior to the trailer being plated – a plate is fitted showing the GVW that is permissable under EU/UK law

Note: all the components, quantities, dimensions etc. derive from an AutoCad drawing. It is incredibly simple for us to provide you with a bespoke/custom trailer at very little addition cost. We don’t want you to just take our word for how good these trailers really are – we actively encourage comparison of specifications and pricing with other brands

Snipe ‘Y’ Trailer Range

The Snipe ‘Y’ Range of medium duty trailers have a chassis width of 1450mm outside to outside and offer highly adaptable modular options for carrying boats from 4 metres to 6 metres in length and weighing from 500 kg to 1350 kg

Snipe 'Y'
Gross Towing
Weight (kg)
Max Boat
Weight (kg)
Lenght in
Y4-750750 (unbraked)5004.0£1899.00
Y4.5-750750 (unbraked)5004.5£1929.00
Y5-750750 (unbraked)5005.0£1949.00


Snipe ‘D’ Trailer Range

The Snipe ‘D’ Range of heavy-duty Delta trailers offers highly adaptable modular options for carrying boats from 5.5 metres to 9.5 metres in length and weighing from 1400kg to 2750kg
Snipe 'D'
Gross Towing
Weight (kg)
Max Boat
Weight (kg)
Lenght in
Bespoke/extendedBased on your specBased on your specBased on your specPOA
The Snipe ‘D’ Series Heavy Duty Trailers use Cast Hitches throughout.  These incorporate an integral jockey wheel clamp. Combined with the 48mm serrated jockey wheel, the strength is unrivalled to give years of trouble-free service.  Stainless Steel Brake Cables are fitted as standard.  These greatly prolong the life of the brake cables and also the brakes as they greatly reduce the likely hood of the cables seizing.

To order your new Snipe Boat Trailer, check on lead times or for further information please contact Ashton Marine Services on 07595 638185 or click here to send us a message.  We are open 7 days a week and most Bank Holidays between 8am and 8pm