Sourcing RIB’s

Ashton Marine Services offers a fixed fee, based on success, RIB sourcing service for private and commercial boats that includes:

  • Establish what RIB is the best match for your needs and offer a few options
  • Inspect the RIB to ensure it matches your expectations
  • Negotiate the best price based on many years’ experience and formal training
  • Make sure the legal side is correct ie proof of ownership, no liens, boat history, proof of engine services, etc
  • Arrange sea trails where needed
  • Organise collection and delivery

Your Requirements

As users of RIB’s over the years we have used and tested most leading brands along with a quite a few rare ones.  So if you can give us an idea of budget and answer some questions i.e.

  • Where will the boat be used
  • How fast does it need to go and what size of RIB
  • What sea state will you use it in
  • How many people will be on it most of the time
  • How important is how it looks
  • How important is it to be a dry ride
  • What are the must have features i.e. A frame, RCD category, coded, etc.

Please note that as we work closely with Rib’s Marine Services (Scotland leading RIB repair company with clients including the MOD, Police etc.) we can often change seating layouts at very little cost. This means that there will be more RIB’s that can meet your requirements and often means we can use this to get you a better deal.


All RIB’s need careful inspection as the cost of some things can be high i.e. retubing, replacing rotten transoms, bad compression on engines etc.  As part of our service we:

  • Inspect the tubes for leaks or other common issues
  • Check engines run and that there is good compression on all cylinders, check hours etc.
  • Ensure that the boat is actually as advertised
  • Inspect the hull for signs of damage or poor repairs

In summary, this part of the services is designed to reduce risk and help you make a better informed decision.


Many people don’t like this part of buying a boat as there are many factors in establishing the value including:

  • Condition of the hull and tubes
  • Size, make, model, services history, hours under load and condition of the engine
  • What paperwork/receipt’s are available to confirm things like servicing, money spent on the boat
  • What extras come with the boat i.e. fenders, plotters, back up engines, etc.

This makes it harder to compare one boat of the same make with another and hence we do this for you based on our many years’ experience


When buying a boat it is vital to have a MCA bill of sale and confirm all extra’s along with checking that there is no outstanding finance on the boat. Again, this is included in our service when sourcing RIB’s for clients.

We also make sure that boat is as advertised and includes all items listed along with any extras we have negotiated for you.

Collection and Delivery

We can collect and deliver your RIB to a location of your choice


For further information please call Ashton Marine Services on 07595 638185 or click here to send us a message

We are open 8am to 8pm 7 days a week and most bank holidays