Electric Engines for Fishing and Creel Boats

Ashton Marine Services are the only UK dealer for ePropulsion award winning inboard and outboard range of electric engines focused on Creel and commercial fishing boats.

The engine range now supports boats to over 200 tons and includes inboards and outboards as a full electric or hybrid solution.

Along with supporting the zero emissions directive there are numerous key advantages in moving to a full or hybrid electric engine solution including:

No or very limited servicing

No gear box to damage

Increased manoeuvrability

No fuel problems

Very impressive range

No need for mechanical engine knowledge

Plug and play solutions

Longevity of the engines due to far less moving parts

Eco-friendly fishing.

In summery electric engines are more efficient and have far less to go wrong enabling  you to focus on the fishing and spending less time and money on maintenance and servicing.


Inboard electric motor range

These are aimed ideally at boats over 5 tons to over 200 tons and are either air cooled or water cooled.

Installation is quick and simple as ePropulsion make everything you need apart from engine housing that we fabricate at our sister company to make sure its bolted securely in place. This includes the engine, the batteries , cables, controllers charger etc

Charging is simple and can be done by shore power or a generator (if required) and we can drop the current to enable other equipment to run of that batteries if required. Click here for more information on the ePropulsion I-series engines

ePropulsion I-40 inboard electric motor
ePropulsion H-100 electric inboard motor

Electric Outboard Range and POD engines

These are designed for boats up to 6 tons as a single unit but also can be installed as a twin engine system. They have many advantages over petrol and diesel outboards including

No servicing

The ability to go from forward to reverse instantly due to no gear box

Have anti-collision ie the prop will just stop if it hits something

No pull start

No cooling problems as they have no impeller

Far more reliable as the only moving part is the propellor

Simple and easy to charge

Amazing longevity that results in less total cost of ownership

Just like petrol engines these outboard motors can also work off tiller or remote steering and throttle.

These outboards can also be used as back up engines and unlike petrol engines these require no flushing out and as mentioned no servicing.

For more information please contact Dave on 0759563815 or click here to send an email.

ePropulsion Navy 3kw outboard motors

ePropulsion Navy 6kw Outboard motors

ePropulsion Pod motors