Custom Boat Trailers

There is a myth that custom/bespoke boat trailers will be much more expensive. Here’s why this is not necessarily true.

Ashton Marine can easily provide custom/bespoke boat trailers at very little extra cost, if any. We are able to offer this value added service as we work closely with probably the most flexible trailer manufacture in the UK who manufacture the largest range – Snipe, Bramber, Rapide, Mersea and who have been making custom trailers for years.

A custom built trailer is no more difficult to produce in real terms (apart from the drawing) than any other trailer as it is computer generated which automatically creates a parts list, and the manufacturing process is mostly cut and welded by machine/robots. This can mean very little difference in materials used enabling us to offer this bespoke service at very little extra cost.

Why buy a custom built boat trailer?

There are lots of reasons why people want these, some very common considerations are:

Light but long boat: As a rule of thumb for boat trailers the longer it is the more it will carry and the higher the costs. This means a long but light boat will often be quoted with a far over specified load limit and cost far more than it needs to.

Hull support:  How the boat is supported is a key consideration when buying a trailer so that you don’t stress the hull. If we are not happy with how the boat will be supported we can either move the rollers on a standard model or simply design one with the bunk or roller system in a better place to support the boat hull.

Features:  Over the years there have been many additional features / options added to trailers from twin spare wheel brackets to additional steps on the trailer to help with getting on and off the boat.   Other requests have included bigger wheels and an extra axle due to where the trailer was going sometimes on a daily basis for example very hard to access/remote farm tracks

Best solution: Some of the reasons we get asked for a bespoke / custom built boat trailer is simply that customers want the best possible solution for their boat.


Mersea boat trailers are made in the same factory as Snipe, Bramber and Rapide and are the UK’s leading supplier of trailers for sailing boats and dinghies. Due to this, a huge number of boat trailers are custom built to fit the boat to give it the best support due the varied hull designs.

They have been doing this for many years and hence the process has become very quick and easy to do hence why the prices are probably the best in the UK and yet you still get a custom made solution.


Our job is to give you the best road legal trailer at the best price and often these are bespoke/custom built trailers in some way and at very small extra cost. Where there are options we will always give you them so that you can establish if the small amount extra is worth it

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