Online Boat Forum Guide

This page is a quick link guide to some of the best online forums we have found that will give you advice on a wide variety of boats

Best for Scotland

This is a very social group and has at the time of writing over 3500 members. There is also a few good events and meets/ cruises on this site. Probably the most friendly forum  for boaters we have found so well worth joining

Best for Sailing

Best for sailing boats and live a board boats. Huge number of members from the UK. The boat knowledge on here is great  so well worth a look

Best for RIB and SIB’s

This is a great facebook forum that we think is now the best place to ask questions on all makes of RIB’s and SIB’s.  This forum is that good that it’s worth joining facebook just for this if you are not already a member

Best for Fishing Boats

This forum is simply huge and like the other forums has very proactive members. You will always find someone on there with the boat you have or are looking at if you want more information. You will also find a local catch report section so you can ask what can be caught and what to use in any area in the UK


All the above forums are free to join and are the best we have found without being specific to any make of boat. We would also add that though most advice is great please remember that we all have our own likes and dislikes. So if your question is a matter of opinion rather than fact then do expect some interesting replies!