Electric Outboard Motors for Creel Boats

Epropulsion electric engines for creel boats provide significant advantages over traditional outboard engines.

Like all commercial boat owners the engine choice often comes down to some simple but requirements:

  • Cost of fuel
  • Reliability
  • Servicing
  • License costs

Epropulsion solves these problems as the market leader in Electric outboards and inboards by providing a very quick return on the investment compared to traditional engines.

Cost of fuel using diesel or petrol

Using electric power is far cheaper than using petrol or diesel and for boats working more than 20 hours a week the cost savings are very significant.  Unlike many companies we are happy to explain how to work out the equivalent electric power cost so that creel boat users can estimate the very good costs savings  per year. 


Unlike petrol or diesel the only moving part in an electric outboard is the propellor.  There is no gear box to break, no impeller to service, no need to flush out,  no fuel issues, no carbs to clean etc.

This makes them far more reliable as there is simply far far less to go wrong.


Like all commercial users servicing for creel boat engines takes time, parts can be on a long lead time and if not self-servicing the engine often needs taken , dropped of and then collected several days later. For larger engines this also means taking the boat.along with the engine.

Epropulsion engines simply need no servicing, providing a huge cost and time saving. As stated above the only moving part is the propellor. 

License costs

This has become an unexpected benefit of using electric engines. As the torque is produced at all revs unlike a petrol motor we are often swapping 20-40hp outboards with far smaller electric engines due to the high torque. 


The other key advantage of an electric outboard for creel boats and commercial outboard users is the physical number of hours it will work for.  A good  petrol outboard will do sub 2,000 hours where as a lithium battery powered outboard will last many times longer. 

This in addition to fuel costs, servicing, etc means the return on investment for commercial outboard users and creel boat owners makes moving to electric engines a very cost-effective solution.

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