Yacht Broker Services

If you`re looking to sell your sailing boat then look no further. Here at Ashton Marine Services we provide a focused professional Yacht brokerage service that`s pro-active whilst delivering great value for money:

We have a comprehensive database of buyers, boat owners, and other contacts that we can send your boat details to.

We will manage your sale by accessing forums as well as advertise your boat in all leading websites

We have a strong presence in the boating sector, regularly meeting people who are looking to trade up/ trade down as we are boat users ourselves.

We are great believers in researching the market so we can establish the best price for your yacht and are able to highlight any differences from the other boats being advertised.

Why Ashton Marine Services

Boating is in our DNA. Everyone in Ashton Marine Services is a keen boater and still go out on sailing boats, ribs, cruisers etc on a regular basis.

Over 20 years of proven successful marketing and sales experience and have promoted and sold numerous boats and marine products.

We don’t just place adverts. We will actively send your boat details to relevant people and monitor forums for people looking for a Yacht that matches your specifications.

We do our research. This is key to establishing the boats value based on its condition and what other similar boats are being advertised for.

We can be contacted 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm as we feel there is nothing worse than a buyer not being able to speak to someone about the boat they are interested in. This also includes you as the seller as we feel this is a key part of our job and will try and help in any way we can.

For more information please call Ashton Marine Services on 07595 638185 or send us your details via our contact page

Additional Information

Presenting your boat

As there are lots of different buyers for boats the first decision to make is how much time and money ( if any) is required to get the boat ready to achieve the optimum price ie a good valet is cheap and does not cost much to do and hence is often worth doing.  However if for example the engine is in poor working order it might be better to sell it as is as often the cost of fixing it costs more than you will receive by making the repairs.  This is where Ashton Marine Services will help and advise you on the best way forward and is included as part of our service.

Pictures and Videos

Pictures say a thousand words and hence good images of your boat are vital. The pictures should also not just be of the boat but also where possible images of the boat being used so that buyers can see it in action.

Videos are also becoming increasingly common and the quality does not need to be amazing (most smart phone video mode is more than adequate)  as a video gives a far better perspective of size and internal space.

Pictures and videos should also include any key extra’s ie an image of a tender, navigation equipment and any upgrades you have done.

Equipment list

Sailing equipment that comes with the boat should also be listed but please only add these if they are not needed any more. Include navigation and safety equipment and any extras you want included in the sale.

Paperwork and Receipts

Sadly not all sellers are genuine and one of the ways to show what work has actually been done is to provide receipts for any money you have spent on the boat with the most recent purchase/ work being the most relevant.

The next step

If you are thinking of selling your sailing boat and would like a proactive yacht broker service or a quote please call Ashton Marine Services on 07595 638185 from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week or click here to send us an enquiry through the website