Polycraft Boats


Polyethylene rotomoulding was first developed as manufacturing process in Norway in the 1960s and revolutionised boat building. The benefits of Polyethylene as a boat building material are well proven and documented, although it can look and feel agricultural and give a hard ride.

Polycraft commenced Polyethylene boat building in Australia in the 1990’s enhancing the best-in class designs and innovations to develop their own fleet of boats up to 6m in length. Every Polycraft Boat is designed with the user in mind to offer a highly durable hull that can be dragged up the beach, bashed off rocks and remains unbeatably stable in significant sea conditions. This has been achieved whilst boasting a softer ride, packed with extras including integral storage & rod holders and the highest quality finish we have seen available on the market today.

We think you will agree they have succeeded and it’s not surprising that Polycraft Boats is the leading manufacturer of Polyethylene boats that are now sold across every corner of the world.

About Polycraft Boats

Polycraft Boats has been going since the 1990s when their boats were built and sold only in Australia. Today their boats are sold across the world.

There are a significant number of independent reviews and data available online talking about the unique hull designs for Polyethylene made boats, a softer ride, build quality etc and Ashton Marine Services would ask you to check this out for yourself if you are not convinced they are best in class.





Polycraft Boats have the highest quality, non-slip finish we have seen of any Polyethylene boat currently on the market.

Key features and business ethics

Polycraft boats:

  • Sustainable Manufacturing zero-emissions ​process
  • 100% recyclable hull
  • High Quality Finish
  • 4 year hull warranty 
  • Integral Storage & Rod Holders
  • Shallow Draft, Ultimate Stability
  • UV stable, no maintenance required
  • are not susceptible to electrolysis or osmosis, never require painting, and are easy to clean
  • naturally buoyant (even if not made into a boat the Polyethylene would float)

The low density Polyethylene used in the manufacturing process is designed to be flexible, thus enhancing the on-water performance of the hull by flexing and absorbing wave impact and noise into the hull and not the passenger; this all goes into creating a smooth, quiet ride that is unique to Polycraft boats.

Boats range from the 3.00 Tuffy, right through to the flagship 6 metre 5.99 Frontier. A comprehensive range of layouts are available, including Cuddy Cabin, Runabout, Centre Console, Side Console and Open.

They have the best ride and handling of any plastic boat we have ever used and are incredibly stable.


​Here at Ashton Marine we would love to let the boat do the talking so please contact us on 07595638185 to arrange a Sea Trial or Click Here, we have every confidence you will love the boat!