4.3 Ton Max Boat Weight Road Legal Trailers

5Th wheel Boat Trailers max boat weight of 4300kg

Ashton Marine Services are a supplier of the Vanclaes 5th wheel boat trailer.  These trailers are designed to take boats to a maximum of 4300 kg which is typically an extra 1500KG compared to other road legal trailers.

A Vanclaes fifthwheel boat trailer is a boat trailer that is not connected with the standard car/ van hitch coupling but is connected on the motor vehicle above the rear axle. Such a vehicle is because of this not a (central axle) trailer, but a so called semi-trailer.

Commercial Advantages

  • Towing capacity of up to 4300kg max boat weight
  • Stainless steel nano coated so does not rust
  • Tows like a normal boat trailer
  • Waterproof LED lights as standard
  • Maximum trailer width of 2.5 meters
  • Quick an easy to use
  • Incorporates the Gyro Roller System for quick launch and recovery

The Technical Side:
The Vanclaes fifthwheel boat trailer is based on the models of the Custom boat trailers and can be delivered in almost each desired length. You also can choose a width of 225 or 250 cm.
Because of the modular building system, which makes Vanclaes so special, almost all supporting systems can be integrated in the Vanclaes fifthwheel boat trailers.

The Electrical Braking System
The Vanclaes fifthwheel boat trailer is equipped with an electrical braking system and communicates with the motor vehicle over a 3 pin cable. By using the brake pedal the braking system will be activated.
The load sensors, in combination with the deceleration sensor and the actuator, provides you with an accurate and correct braking function.
Because of the accuracy of the load sensors and the activated braking lights, the trailer “knows in before” that the braking function is desired, which results in a quick and smooth braking character for the complete combination.
The wheel brakes are automatically self-adjusting. The system is attentive to changes in load and driving conditions of the motor vehicle and adjusts itself to all circumstances.
As explained, the braking system complies with all requirements of the European regulations. In case of emergency when the trailer brakes away, the braking system will be activated.  

A short video can be found at Vanclaes 5th Wheel


The Vanclaes range of 5th Wheel trailers enables our commercial clients to safely and quickly tow boats up to 4.3 tons and we believe is by far the best road legal solution available.

For more information about the Vanclaes 5th Wheel boat trailers or any of the stainless steel commercial boat trailers please call Ashton Marine Services on 07595 638185