RIB Training

We often get asked to recommend a RIB training company for either:

  • Safety reasons
  • People wanting to get the most out of their RIB
  • Simply getting cheaper insurance
  • People wanting to start getting commercial qualifications
  • Learning about specific waters i.e. where to go and what to avoid

For this reason we have partnered with Scotland’s leading RYA centre based at Rhu Marina on the Clyde – You and Sea

What makes them different?

  • Not all instructors are equal. Euan and his team go out of their way to help and answer questions that are not on the official courses
  • The location is perfect ie not only the gateway to the west coast but lots of interesting places to navigate close by including sandbanks,  strong currents through Rhu Narrows, Navy boats and Ferries etc.
  • Have a huge commercial client base
  • Own boat training i.e. they will teach you on their rib or your own
  • Advice on where to go, and what to look out for

Put simply we have only had amazing feedback from everyone we have recommended to them and importantly for us they do all our RYA training.

RIB Courses

Powerboat Level 2

This course is designed for people who have very little experience of handling small powerboats ribs. The course is run on the water as much as possible over the 2 days and concentrates on given you solid understanding of handling a boat confidently in a marina or close quarter scenario. The course also looks at the seamanship aspect of boating and a chunk of the course is dedicated to learning skills such as MOB recovery, Picking up a mooring, anchoring and the associated ropework.

IRPCS (col Regs), Weather, Basic chartwork, GPS, Buoyage are the main areas of theory that is also covered at points throughout the course. The full course syllabus can be downloaded from their website – https://youandsea.com/our-courses/rya-powerboat-courses/powerboat-level-2/

Intermediate Powerboat Course

This course is designed for rib and sports boat owners who undertake short coastal passages by day. A handy refresher on close quarter manoeuvres is done on Moring of Day 1 before moving to the classroom for an afternoon of theory and passage planning. Subjects that are covered include electronic navigation, IRPCS, working out tidal heights, pilotage and passage planning. A passage plan is put together for Day 2 using paper charts and also the electronic chartplotter.

All the hard work on Day 1 is now put into practice and the passage plan is executed. They teach high speed navigation, pilotage, boat handling and MOB recovery on passage as well as a practical refresher on the IRPCS. The full course syllabus can be downloaded from their website – https://youandsea.com/our-courses/rya-powerboat-courses/intermediate-powerboat/

Pre Reqs – Knowledge to Day Skipper Theory Level

Advanced Powerboat Course

This course is designed for more the more adventurous boater who is looking to head out in rougher conditions, go further field and do it at night. The main aim of the course is to give boaters the skills to handle a powerboat in rougher conditions at night. The thorough refresher on chartwork, pilotage, weather, vessel lights and shapes is included in the build up to a night exercise around the Clyde on night on. Day 2 is spent perfecting pilotage skills, finding unlit positions and learning about search patterns and rough weather handling. The full course syllabus can be downloaded from their website – https://youandsea.com/our-courses/rya-powerboat-courses/advanced-powerboat/

For further information on RIB and power boat training courses please call You and Sea on 01436  640303 or click the followng link www.youandsea.com