ePropulsion Navy 3.0 Evo Electric Outboard

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The Navy 3.0 Evo electric outboard 6HP equivalant boasts incredible features – it’s maintenance-free and remarkably quiet. 

Performance – Ready for Tough Tasks

Up to 51% max overall efficiency compared to 31% for a petrol outboard

For motorboats and sailboat up to 3 tonnes

The Navy 3.0 Evo is ready for tough tasks, like motorising a 3-tonne boat. It can do everything a 6-hp petrol engine outboard can and is capable of faster acceleration

Incredibly Versatile

The impressive performance makes the Navy 3.0 outboard motor extremely versatile suitable for all types of environments

Incredible Efficiency

ePropulsion Navy 3.0 has incredible efficiency up to 51%. Its 3kW motor can deliver the propulsive power equivalent of a 6HP petrol engine

  ePropulsion Navy 3.0 6HP Petrol Outboard
Input Power 3kW N/A
Output Power N/A 4.5kW
Power Transfer Direct Drive Transmission Shaft

Gear Box

Maximum Overall Efficiency 51% 31%
Maximum Effective Power at Propeller 1.52kW 1.4kW


1 Hour 36KM 8 Packs
Running time at full speed with one battery Range at economical speed with one battery Max parallel connection allowed for ePropulsion Navy Battery

The range is a big challenge for any electric drive system. ePropulsion push the range limit through propeller design, smart battery management, terrific battery capacity in a compact size, motor housing CFD, and more.

Battery – Long-Lasting for Every Trip

Advanced BMS 3042 Wh Aluminium Unibody Housing
Safety comes first: includes six protection features Terrific capacity in a compact size Robust and extremely thermally conductive

The ePropulsion Navy battery is more than the outstanding capacity. It’s designed specifically for our Navy series and it is capable of discharging at maximum current for hours. It also looks good and performs even better.

Carefully Designed Battery Components

Each Navy battery contains a huge 31,218,650 cells in total. To best optimize performance and thermal dissipation a sophisticated battery array was designed to create a large capacity in a compact size.


  1. Communication Port
    The BMS controller reads the real-time battery status from this port and implements the best control strategy for performance. Each Navy battery has two for parallel connection
  2. Handle
    Two ergonomically designed handles are incorporated to enable safe carrying of the battery
  3. Power Switch
    Switch between sleep and working mode – Helping to preserve battery life
  4. Aluminium Unibody Sealed Housing
    Excelling at thermal dissipation and designed for long term saltwater environment protection includes an air vent located on the top of the housing to balance pressure


Robust Design Built to Last

Maintenance-Free 2,000 hrs in Testing Direct Drive
Save time at work and spend more time on the water The most rigorous testing of continuous operation ensures a robust design The amount of moving parts is reduced tremendously, including gear box

The ePropulsion Navy 3.0 is a maintenance-free electric outboard motor. You’ll never need to worry about repairing or maintaining it. The quality and craftsmanship is so dependable you can relax and enjoy your time on the water!

Perfect, even after 2,000 hours of testing – On 5th February 2017 ePropulsion ran a continuous operation test on the Navy 3.0 of 2,000 hrs (two and half months). It passed with flying colours, and could have run many thousands of hours more. On a traditional conventional petrol outboard engine maintenance has to be undertaken every 50-100 hours

FOC 60 dB Comfortable Tiller
Field-oriented control (FOC) smoothes the motor operating with less vibration Max operating noise equals the db level of a normal conversation No  uncomfortable vibrations when holding the tiller

A petrol outboard engine could never compete with an electric outboard motor, and unsurprisingly the Navy 3.0 has a better noise control level than another electric outboard brands. You can comfortably have a conversation and be easily heard.

Pleasant Travel – You won’t even notice the noise of the electric motor, so relax and immerse yourself on the experience of the water. There’ll be no more speaking loudly over a noisy petrol outboard!

Average Office 50 dB
ePropulsion Navy 3.0 @ Full Throttle 60 dB
Common 2Kw Electric Outboard Motor @ Full Throttle 78 dB
6HP Petrol Outboard Motor @ Full Throttle 90dB
A Diesel Truck 95 dB


Harmless to Health and Environment

No Fuel to Leak Exhaust-Free Less Carbon Emissions
Leakage is quite common with a petrol outboard – not with the Navy 3.0 You won’t breathe in any engine exhaust fumes Reduce your carbon emissions and protect the environment

ePropulsion is committed to providing a green boating drive system helping to alleviate the environmental problems we face today.

Keep Your Hands and Clothes Clean

Annoyed by the oil stain on your shirts or hands? ePropulsion Navy 3.0 leaves no oil stain at all.

Entirely Avoid Exhaust Inhalation

There is no combustion so there is no way that you will inhale any toxic exhaust fumes that you get from a conventional petrol combustion outboard engine.

100% Exhaust Free – ePropulsion provides you with a 100% exhaust and emission free boating experience

ePropulsion Navy 3.0 Specs

Input Power Running Time (Economical Speed)
3kW 4 Hours
Equivalent Horsepower Running Time (Full Speed)
6 Hp 1 Hour
Motor Weight (Long Shaft) Shaft Length (Long Shaft)
24.1 Kg 76.5 cm
Motor Weight (Short Shaft) Shaft Length (Short Shaft)
23.5 Kg 64 cm
Battery Capacity Warranty
3042 Wh 2 years, basic motor

1 year, battery

(non-commercial use)

Minimum Battery Quantity  


  • Kill stop switch
  • IP67 ingress protection
  • Propeller collision emergency stop
  • Reinforced transom mounting
  • Low battery indicator
  • Over temperature protection


  • Lithium-ion polymer battery
  • 46.8 V nominal voltage
  • 54.6 V final charging voltage
  • 39 V cut-off voltage
  • 0°C – 40°C charging temperature
  • -20°C – 65°C discharging temperature
  • Over 80% capacity after 500 cycles of 100% DOD
  • 3 hr charging time (Fast charger)
  • Battery management system


  • Integrated display
  • Wired remote control available


  • Rated RPM 2,300
  • 590 N / 132.6 lbs static thrust
  • 51% overall efficiency
  • Water cooling
  • Direct drive
  • Field-oriented motor control
  • Trim angles including 0°, 5°, 10° & 15°
  • Tilt angle 60°
  • 26 × 17.1 cm / 10.2 × 6.73” inches propeller
  • 360° tiller steering, direction lockable

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ePropulsion Navy 3.0 & 6.0 Evo

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