Commercial Boat Trailers

Ashton Marine Services offers a range of commercial boat trailers that can on requested include your company branding, be fitted with trackers etc. They are all marine galvanised and come with fully ECC approved brakes and hubs, polyurethane rubber ribbed none marking rollers, UK/EU road legal etc.

High End Galvanised

Ashton Marine Services offers the commercial Rapide boat trailer range that is a lower cost option than the Vanclaes stainless steel trailers and are designed to be used on a daily basis. Marine galvanised with high capacity winch straps, lots of hooking points to tie down the boat, flushing kits, spare wheel etc. all as standard.  All these trailers can be supplied with your own branding on request for a small extra charge of £50.00 set up charge and £10.00 extra per trailer

Standard Trailers

The biggest difference with our standard range is the trailer has less hooking points and comes with smaller wheels and no flushing kit or spare wheel as standard

This range will be badged Bramber or Snipe and like our high end galvanised boat trailers come with the option of your own branding for a small additional charge

Currently in Scotland these have been supplied to fisheries, boat removal companies and boat service companies

Marina Trailers and Stands

Ashton Marine Services has one of the widest range of commercial marina stands and trailers in the UK including:

  • Yacht cradles and stands (stainless or galvanised)
  • Automatic slipways
  • Showroom boat cradles
  • Yard Trailers up to Max 18 tones with air brakes

Custom Commercial Boat Trailers

As suppliers of the largest boat trailer group in the UK we supply custom boat trailers for a wide range of clients and groups starting from simple trailer i.e. St Ayles Skiff  rowing boat to boat builders and 1 off specials

All you pay for is time, materials, and our small margin and hence these are extremely good value and we guarantee the perfect support/fit/balance. There is no minimum order either!

We are the highest rated trailer dealer in Scotland with the biggest range and can make a trailer for any type of boat that can be towed legally on the road or yard trailers to 18 tons

For more information about our commercial boat trailers and marina equipment please contact Ashton Marine Services on 07595 638185 or click here to send us a message

We are open 7 days a week and most Bank Holidays between 8am and 8pm