3D Tenders

Having looked at the market for tenders and evaluated customer service, quality, range and portability (size and weight when packed down), we have agreed to become the Scottish dealer for 3D Tenders.

3D Tenders have become Europe’s leading tender/SIB manufacturer as they have focused on quality. It is very easy to make a well-built but heavy tender, but far harder to make them light enough to get them on and off a boat, and to pack them down small enough for storage.

Tube size is also important, and this has not been compromised. Their tenders come with plenty of handles for use in rougher weather.


This is a key factor in all tenders. For most people, 30kg is easy to lift on dry land but far harder on a boat and bending down. Due to exceptional build quality and use of high quality, durable materials, 3D Tenders offer a 4-person boat with an air floor that weighs only 20.3kg!


There is no reason now to comprise on built quality, handling and portability and this is why we have selected 3D Tenders as our preferred solution for durable tenders. For more information about these amazing ultra-light boats please call 07595638185 ore click here


Other Options

We strongly believe that 3D Tenders are best in class, but Ashton Marine Services do provide other best in class options, such as the only folding RIB in the world. It has a GRP hull that folds down and will easily fit in most sailing boat lockers or in the back of a car. Please click here for more information.

We also offer the XCAPE 4.0 crossover which we believe is the best Kayak/SIB/tender crossover. This is a genuine crossover that provides the storage of a SIB but is designed like a Kayak to give the benefits of both.  For more information please click here or call 07595638185.