Boat Security

This page is a quick “how to guide” for boat security and how to make sure your insurance is valid.

Geo Fencing/ Trackers

Since 2014 Geo fencing has become a popular solution for boat owners and in simple terms tell you when your boat is moved.  This is perfect for people who:

  • Use a marina or have the boat on mooring
  • Store the boat in yard

A geo fence is very quick to install and works will android and apple phones so that when the boat is moved an alert is sent to your phone.   This does not just work for boat theft but also if you boat drags an anchor, becomes unattached from the mooring, is borrowed without permission etc. Interestingly more and more insurance companies will offer a discount when these are fitted and we expect this to become a standard security device fitted to all new boats.


Deterrent is still the best option and hence we advise that all outboards have visible locks. This includes axillary outboards and the main engine as many smaller outboards can be simply carried off. Remember that even in a marina thefts still happen for the smaller engines as it is in possible for the staff to know everyone and their friends.

Warning: It is not good enough to buy a lock you must have a picture of it fitted to be able to claim with many insurance company’s.


Securing your trailer is now vital as increasingly thieves are targeting them in people’s drives, marinas and even worse slipways.  This has also increased due to the silly prices 2nd hand trailers are fetching and yet simple measures can be taken to make it far harder for them to be stolen.

Option 1: Wheel clamps to stop the wheels turning but can be cut off so really only works well as a visual deterrent

Option 2: Ball hitch locks to stop the trailer being put onto the towbar of a vehicle. These are very cheap and strongly recommended for all trailers.

Note: Many new trailers with brakes now have a key lock on the hitch as standard.

Option 3:  For long term storage more and more people are simply taking the wheels off.  This does take time but is by far the best deterrent! 

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