Dave has been boating since he was 8 years old and started fishing with his Dad on the Clyde in the days when fishing was good in a small Micro Plus with a 4 HP engine that would not even get the boat through the Rhu narrows when the tide was running.

Since then he became a huge fan of renovating Shetlands and pushing these old boats close to their limit.  He has gone through corryvreckan in a Shetland 570 wind against tide, put an 200hp racing engine on a Shetland 610 with reinforced transom and is still a moderator of the online forum with a user name of daveinglasgow.

Since these early days Dave gained a passion for all things with power, cabin cruiser, fast fishing boats and what he is probably most known for now, high end handling RIBs

We know to some of you that it’s stating the obvious but there are many people who fish that have gone out on some amazing quick fishing boats with Dave as this is a huge passion of his, not just the fishing but good fast fishing boats that are being pushed hard

For those of you who have met him you will also know he happy to go any boat but put him in a high end handling (not value) boat like a warrior 165, Ribcraft 585 (a future classic?), any Island RIB, Carson Interceptor 9.5, Boston Whaler 285 etc. and he’ll push these close to the limit

What we hope comes across from the short bio is that over the years he has been on lots of different boats and can tell the difference in build quality, ride and handling of most power boats.

This doesn’t mean them all as there are simply too many to make this possible but it is far more than most and this helps when selling, buying and sourcing boats for clients

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