Ecosse Inflatable Boats

Ecosse Lightweight rugged tender range

Ashton Marine Services are delighted to be offering our own  Ecosse Lightweight rugged tender range to complement our range of rugged, easy to use marine equipment.

Ashton Marine Services have been listening for a long time to client feedback on what they like and don’t like about their tenders and we hope our new range solves some / all of your requirements.


Key user features


  • Lightweight
  • 3 year warranty
  • Wide tubes
  • Rugged enough to cope with the demands of Scotland’s west coast
  • Easy to lift by hand, davits, or towed


The range is  aimed at people who want a tender where function over form is their main criteria.  We fully accept there are some very good looking tenders out there but as a company we specialise in products that are


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Low or zero maintenance
  • Rugged and lost lasting


The new Ecosse lightweight range comes in 3 sizes, a 2.5m , 2.7m and 2.9m and 1 colour so that we can produce them at very competitive prices.



  • Stainless steel rings on transom and inside bow tubes for davits.
  • Stainless steel rings underside outer tubes at bow for towing on harness behind larger boats
  • Stainless steel carry/tie off handle at bow
  • woven carry handles inside stern sponsons
  • 1 pair of passenger grab handles on bow tubes
  • White grab line down both sides of dinghy
  • 3 chambers main tube + 1 for deck/hull
  • White side stripes
  • 38cm diameter tubes
  • Sliding aluminium seat
  • Mooring line/pair of oars/high pressure stirrup pump/repair kit/ boat bag/ seats


The Ecosse  range of boat tenders  is also designed to be functional for a wide variety of uses and applications  ie


  • To be packed away when not used in your boat or car boot
  • Can be towed using the stainless steel rings
  • Light enough to be easily lifted in by hand or on davits


Technical Specifications


Overall Length 250 cm270 cm290 cm
Beam140 cm136 cm136 cm
weight of boat no oars or seat16 kg 18 kg19.5 kg
weight of boat inc oars and seat19 kg21 kg24 kg
Max Load335 kg384 kg447 kg
Tubes 38 cm38 cm40 cm
Max People 33.54
Max Engine based on 4 strokes6 hp8 hp 10 hp
Max Kw4.5 kw6 Kw7.5 Kw
Cat RatingDCC


As you will see from the above specifications we have designed these boats to be very versatile by enabling them to have bigger petrol engines than other lightweight boats. This means they can be used as small fun inflatables as well as practical robust lightweight tenders.


Common Questions

Q: Why did you decide to make your own boats?

A: We simply kept being asked by our clients what we would recommend and we were not happy with any of the solutions on the market.  Our research has shown that lifting over 25kg is hard for most of our clients and yet they still needed a rugged tender.


Q: Do you deliver UK wide

A:Yes apart from Guernsey and Jersey

Q: Do they work well with ePropulsion electric engines

This was also key to our thinking when we were looking at the specifications of the boat.


Q: Why don’t they have more color, stripes etc to make them looking stunning?

A: We wanted a functional boat that we could sell at a fair price. Adding bling to the boat will not add to its performance but would increase our costs and the price we could offer them.

To discuss the best Ecosse inflatable boat for you please click here or call 0759 563 8185