Boat Trailers for sale in Scotland

Ashton Marine Services Ltd offer the widest range of boat trailers brands and specifications in Scotland including:

Our boat trailers range from galvanised unbraked small boat trailers to stainless steel disc braked trailers and from light use to commercial models. All boat trailers are legal for EU and UK roads.

The boat trailers can be set up for a very wide variety of water craft including:

  • Single and double jet ski’s
  • SIB’s and RHIB’s
  • Cruiser boat trailers
  • Fishing boat trailers
  • Dinghy boat trailers
  • Trailer sailors
  • Sailing boat trailers
  • Multi boat trailers
  • Canoe and Kayak boat trailers
  • Yard boat trailers ie no brakes, lights, mudguards etc

We also supply bespoke trailers so if you need to tow your boat we can provide a solution.

To help us with your boat trailer quote please note that we need a make AND model number or the weight and the length to the hooking eye ie not the full length of your boat! 

For more information please call 0759 563 8185 and ask for Dave.

Why Chose Ashton Marine Services ltd

  • Highest rated boat trailer dealer in the UK with over 50 5 out of 5 reviews in the last 18 months
  • We are boat users and use trailers all the time so we know what works and what we don’t like.
  • Widest range of boat trailers in the UK including 4 different manufacturers and hundreds of models available.
  • All our boat trailers are adjustable
  • All our boat trailers are fully EU/UK road legal
  • Put simply we offer the best prices for new boat trailers!

Please call 0759 563 8185 for more information between 8am and 8pm 7 days a week