Narrowboat Electric Engines

In 2022 Epropulsion UK and Ashton Marine Services had a stand at the largest inland waterways show un the UK ( Crick Boat Show) to understand and establish owners and Narrowboat makers engine requirements.

This came on the back of a growing number of sales into the canal hire boat sector and how Epropulsion could create the best solution.

Moving to electric engines has some very distinct and obvious advantages similar to sea going boat solutions where ePropulsion have become the market leader in the UK ie:

  • Silent
  • No need to service
  • Reliability
  • No belt driven solutions
  • No need for water cooled engines
  • Reduced licence costs
  • No need to run an engine to top up batteries
  • Instant torque
  • No gear box
  • Increased boat value if the boat is sold

With legislation changes in 2035 all new boats will also need to have a zero emissions engine but even without this the interest was incredibly high due to the user benefits.

The solution

ePropulsion currently have a 10KW pod engine and have just launched a 100KW motor and hence making 10-25 kw engines is simply an expansion of their current market leading technology.

Like traditional canal boat engines these can be used with the standard Narrowboat tiller steering and either a side mount or top mount throttle.

These new slightly larger pod electric canal boat engines will be launch soon and shown at Crick boat show 2023.

The batteries for the canal boat engine will be the same as currently used on the existing Navy and pod solutions and come in 2kwh, 4kwh, 9kwh . Further details can be found at

For those looking at new canal boats ePropulsion is now speaking to boat builders to incorporate the new solution into their new builds so  you will soon see a new range of Narrowboats powered by ePropulsion electric pod  drives.


Solar charging

Solar charging has become increasingly popular as part or all of the solution and though many marinas are installing an increasing number of charging points solar efficiency is now at a level where significant gains can be made.   This means for we can increase the range further for canal boat owners and are happy to discuss this with you.


We would welcome feedback on usability requirements so that ePropulsion can incorporate as many as possible ie in the same way they have with the slightly smaller electric boat engines . Please click here to contact us and we will pass these comments directly to ePropulsion. 


GRP boats

The solutions for these lighter canal boats ie Vikings GRP canal cruiser are available now so if you have one of these and are looking to take advantage of all the benefits of electric canal boat engines please call 0759 5638185 or click here