Electric Outboards

Though electric power propulsion has been around a long time for the marine sector we are now able to offer real world solutions for:

• Yachts (to replace inboard motors)
• Back up engines for boats up to 6 tons
• Tenders (where it all started)

Like most people Ashton Marine Services were more than a touch sceptical about the range, weight, charging time etc. i.e. are these a nice concept or are they in fact real world solutions that are suitable for the west coast of Scotland!

The game changer for us came after testing the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus (with its floating battery). We were looking for an axillary electric outboard for our Warrior 165 and 5m safety Rib (Carson 500 with a deep v hull and wider than other ribs of similar size) and were incredibly impressed with the range and performance achieved.

Our test results revealed a range of over 5nm without the need to link it to our on-board batteries and a speed from 3.2 to 4.8 knots in a force 4/5 wind off Largs on Scotland’s west Coast.

The ePropulsion electric pod solutions are also now being fitted to a wide range of sailing boats and have again produced impressive results and is now a very attractive option for repowering.

Based on all this, Ashton Marine Services is delighted to announce that we have agreed to be a dealer for the ePropulsion range of electric outboards and pod motors and genuinely believe that these electric outboard engines complement our other solutions.

Key advantages or electric outboard / pod motors

• No servicing
• No worries about fuel going off
• No need to flush engines
• Far easier to use and no pull start
• Silent
• No impeller
• Clean i.e. no oil, fuel, grease etc.
• No exhaust and hence no fumes or smells
• Can be used on inland waters where increasingly petrol motors are banned
• Clever solar charging solutions are available
• Very quick return on investment

Please remember that as of 2020 10% of new car sales are electric powered and this is increasing year on year. Electric outboard sales are heading the same way and are an increasing percentage of new outboard / inboard sales every year.

ePropulsion Range

The ePropulsion range of electric outboards and pod motors includes

• Spirit 1.0 plus electric outboard (3hp)
• Navy 3.0 electric outboard (6hp)
• Navy 6.0 electric outboard (9.9hp)
• Pod Drives (3hp & 6hp)

For further information on our growing range of electric outboards and pod drives or to arrange a demonstration please call Ashton Marine Services on 07595 638185 or click here to send us a message.

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