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NVH Control


NVH stands for Noise, Vibration and Harshness, which is an important study subject of transportation comfort. ePropulsion has developed multiple NVH control technologies that brings unforgettable boating comfort. The max indoor noise is as low as 55 dB, which is lower than the ambient noise in most boating environments. In addition, the propeller runs underwater, so you hear no noise but only the natural sound of water running. ​

When you go boating with your family and friends, our NVH control technologies make every ride a pleasant and peaceful trip. Because of the peaceful motor, you don’t have to raise your voice when speaking. This means that nature is the only sound you hear. ​

It’s a built-in advantage of an Electric drive that it’s much less noisy than traditional outboard engines, but not every electric outboard motor could achieve the NVH control level of ePropulsion. Our products are noticeably quieter than other brands of electric outboard motors. You simply can’t find a quieter electric outboard. 

How is this possible

Direct Drive

Direct drive means that the propeller directly takes the power coming from the motor without any reductions, such as a gearbox. Being a simpler device, a direct-drive mechanism has fewer moving parts which could vibrate, and the overall noise emission of the system is much lower.

Field-oriented Control

Field-oriented Control, or FOC, is introduced to the electric outboard motor for the first time by ePropulsion. FOC offers precise control features based on torque and speed. It enables the motor to: operate smoothly over the full speed range, to generate full torque at zero speed, and to have high dynamic performance with fast acceleration and deceleration.

Outboard Sound Level Comparison

ePropulsion Spirt 1.0 Plus 55 dB
Common 3 HP Electric Outboard Motor 70 dB
Common 3 HP Petrol Outboard Engine 90 dB

Maintenance Free


ePropulsion are proud to have a maintenance-free design that you won’t find anywhere else on the outboard market. Electric outboards are not designed to replace the petrol outboard engine but instead offer a premium, environmentally friendly boating experience. The ‘maintenance-free’ design is what we believe to be the key to a premium boating experience. Owning one of our products means you never think about when the next maintenance is and the next overhaul. What matters is not the maintenance hours you save, but the boating lifestyle that you can simply forget about maintenance demand. You can enjoy your time on the water without spending time or money on the maintenance of your ePropulsion outboard.

So How is it Made

100% Electric Drive

The Electric drive makes the ePropulsion motors maintenance-free. The Electric motor features an amazingly simple and reliable structure with much fewer parts; no cylinder, no oil pump, no carburettor

Brushless DC Motor

ePropulsion’s brushless DC motor has a much longer operating service life compared to the standard brushed motor. The brushed motor life is limited by the brush type and can attain 1,000 to 3,000 hours on average, whilst brushless motors can attain tens of thousands of hours, as there’s no wear down of brushes. You could achieve over 30,000 hrs of operating life – much more than you’ll ever need

Direct Drive

Direct drive means the propeller directly takes the power coming from the motor without any reductions, such as a gearbox. Having fewer moving parts means there are fewer parts that are prone to failure. In a motor or an engine, failures are usually produced by the aging of the component (such as a stretched belt), or stress.

*Disclaimer: By Maintenance Free, it means the ePropulsion electric outboard motor and pod drive can keep operating for the regular lifespan, which is around 8 to 12 years. It excludes special cases, for example, anti-corrosion paint loss caused by a collision or accident and also commercial use.

ePropulsion Products that are Maintenance Free –

  • Spirit 1.0 Plus
  • Navy 3.0
  • Pod Drive 1.0 & 3.0

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