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Welcome to Ashton Marine Services

Ashton Marine Services provide a wide-range of services for private and commercial boat owners which include:

Electric Outboard Motors

ePropulsion manufacture a range of electric outboard and electric inboard  engines. The Electric motors feature an amazingly simple and reliable structure with much fewer parts; no cylinder, no oil pump, no carburettor etc. and offer a maintenance-free design that you won’t find anywhere else on the outboard/ inboard market.

With the increased  product range we can now provide an electric inboard or outboard for most boats. With the launch of the inboard range  in November 2022 ePropulsion solutions are perfect for a wide range of commercial and leisure applications from small tender motors to 200 ton plus boats.

Ashton Marine Services also focus on ePropulsion solutions at many of the marine / boat shows including:

Skipper Expo:  Focused on solutions for the commercial fishing sector

Crick Boat Show: Focused on canal boats/ inland water solutions

BoatLife: Focused on the sailing, tender, and backup up engine solutions


Boat Trailers

One of our core strengths – we’ve listed below what differentiates us from other boat trailer dealer in the UK

We offer the widest range of boat trailers available in Scotland/UK: Including Snipe, Rapide, Bramber and Mersea trailers, all manufactured in the United Kingdom from marine standard galvanised steel

Bespoke boat trailers: If it floats and can be legally towed on UK roads we can provide you with a galvanised boat trailer

Our reviews: Trading since November 2016 we have been constantly reliable and versatile enough to become the highest rated boat trailer dealer in the UK

Dinghy & launching trolleys: Ashton Marine Services are delighted to be Scotland’s only supplier of the UK’s leading dinghy, multi-boat and launching trolleys manufactured by Mersea Trailers.

Boat trailer hire in Scotland: We have purchased a few of the trailers we sell and offer these for hire – believing in the quality of the trailers we supply. Boat trailer hire starts at just one day and is available for boats up to 2850kg max boat weight – Max gross vehicle weight of 3500kg.

 3D Craft Norden Boats

The Norden range of boats are the first aluminium sports utility vessels (SUVs) to be sold in the UK.

3D Craft Norden 600 SUV Boat

A sports utility is simply a solid boat that has air chambers incorporated into the gunwales to provide extra stability and buoyancy.   Due to the hull shape and buoyancy, there is far less rolling movement than on standard solid boats whilst avoiding the disadvantages of a RHIB.

For more information on the Norden boat range from 3D Craft please click here

The range includes Norden 600. Norden 695 and Norden 770

Lanoshield Anti-corrosion protection  

Marine grade anti-corrosion protection and lubrication/ anti-seize for protecting commercial and private equipment from boat trailers to marine and industrial machinery and equipment .

Lanolin based sprays and grease that are eco-friendly and stay where you want them far longer. Lanoshield is also pressure wash safe up to 3,000psi.

Retail sizes can be purchased in our online shop. Please contact us for trade pricing


We can sell your boat for you, using our network of contacts, forums and adverts to achieve the best price  –  rated at 5 out of 5 on Google and the probably the most proactive broker online

Find your boat: A FIXED FEE Service We source boats from across the UK aimed at the specific requirements and budget of our customers and look after all the paper work, negotiate prices, sort out the contract including your T’s & C’s and arrange delivery

Inflatable Boats

We are now able to offer an extensive range of yacht and boat tenders, recreational, high performance, professional and commercial inflatable boats.

F-RIB Boats (Folding RIB’s)

The folding RIB is a well-tested and proven boat with a GRP hull that has sold in thousands worldwide. They are ideal as a tender (2.75M model), are perfect for fishing with a range from 3.3-4.6M and for exploring coastal areas

The design concept is incredibly simple and was first developed in eastern Europe to be used as a hard-bottom boat that could be quickly and easily transported.