Marine Grade Lanolin – an environmentally friendly, natural, high performance lanolin lubricant, corrosion Inhibitor and anti-seize grease

LanoShield is a natural, environmentally friendly product that provides long lasting protection and lubrication properties to an endless variety of marine, agricultural, commercial, industrial, aquaculture, aviation, construction and many more uses.

Across the world, people and companies have been using environmentally friendly Lanolin based products for a wide variety of rust protection and / or lubrication uses including:

  • Tools
  • Trailers
  • Boat propellers (stops marine growth)
  • Winches
  • Chains
  • Motor trade
  • Fishing tackle and equipment
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Fuse boxes and electric wires
  • Agriculture machinery
  • Aquaculture equipment

Unlike a lot of other lanolin products we want ours to have no petroleum base added  (works as a softener) so we use a widely grown seed oil. This means that LanoShield uses 100% renewable resources.

Key Feature Summary

  • Water resistant
  • Power wash resistant up to 3000 psi
  • Non-leaching
  • Non-evaporating
  • Acid and Alkaline resistant
  • Non-conductive to 70w
  • Does not evaporate
  • Salt resistant
  • Rated as non-hazardous

In summary, LanoShield prevents and stops corrosion. This is a simple, 100% natural, eco-friendly (made from purified sheeps wool grease) and versatile product that can be used on electrical components and anywhere that you want to protect from water and corrosion it comes in various sizes from single trailer 250ml tubs and to 192kg drums.

It comes as a hard grease and soft grease (for lubrication jobs) forms.


250ml grease £15.00 Inc VAT and £3.00 postage costs to anywhere in the UK

Note – this is enough for 4 x single axle trailers and to protect 4 x separate switch panels on your boat and the perfect size for single boat owners

1 Litre tub of grease £50.00 Inc. VAT and £6.00 postage costs to anywhere in the UK

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LanoShield is also available in larger volumes suitable for commercial use in 5Ltr, 20Ltr and 50Ltr sizes

For further information on LanoShield please contact us on 07595 638185 or click here to send us a message

How to use

Use a rag or a small brush and apply to all U-bolts, nuts, etc. on your trailer. A little goes a very long way.  We also recommend using gloves as it is very hard to wash off if you get it on your hands. 

For larger areas  i.e. none galvanised trailers, chain, work boats etc. either use a spray or heat the LanoShield by putting the hub in hot water and this will make the grease turn soft so can then be used with large brushes or a bigger cloth