Mersea Trailers – Combination Dinghy Trailers 

We are delighted to add the UK’s leading combination dinghy trailers to our range of trailers made by Mersea Trailers

This simple and very effective solution gives you the best of both worlds – a road trailer and a launching trolley that simply unclips.  This clever solution enables you to drive to your location unclip the launching trolley and put your dinghy in the water without the need to reverse down a slip or beach.  The road trailer does not need to go into the water and we don’t have the problem of shallow beaches and slips that can be a real problem when using your car to launch!

Note:  As a Mersea trailer dealer, should you require something larger or customised we can still make it for you, and, due to the number of variants sold have probably made it before.  


  • Made from Marine grade galvanised steel
  • 190, 220 and 250 models have a gross trailer weight of 300kg
  • 275 and 360 models have a gross trailer weight of 400kg
  • Pneumatic Tyres/Wheels
  • Mast support comes as standard on all models
  • Lighting Arms and Trailer Board
  • EU type approval
in cm
(8 inch Wheels)
C19RA-8190 Road Base 8" Wheels 190£810.00
C22RA-8220 Road Base 8" Wheels 220£810.00
C25RA-8250 Road Base 8" Wheels 250£810.00
C27RA-8275 Road Base 8" Wheels 275£810.00
C30RA-8300 Road Base 8" Wheels 300£840.00
in cm
(10 inch Wheels)
C22RA-10220 Road Base 10" Wheels 220£865.00
C25RA-10250 Road Base 10" Wheels 250£865.00
C27RA-10275 Road Base 10" Wheels 275£865.00
C30RA-10300 Road Base 10" Wheels 300£895.00
C33RA-10330 Road Base 10" Wheels 330£945.00
C36RA-10360 Road Base 10" Wheels 360£990.00

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