ePropulsion Shaft lengths

Epropulsion offers 3 different sized for the outboards but all use the same battery and are as follows:

  • Extra Short: For a transom that is between 30-40 cm 11.8- 15.7 inches
  • Short: For a transom that is between 40-50 cm 15.7- 19.7 inches
  • Long: For a Transom that is between 50cm or higher 19.7 or higher

As the batteries are the same you can buy 1 battery they can be used on any shaft length.


For those people using the Epropulsion  on more than 1 boat and needing different shaft lengths you might also want to consider looking at a auxiliary outboard bracket that will lift up and down. Where this is a feasible option we have found that over 95% of people don’t need an extra shorter/ longer engine.

If you are unsure of what size Epropulsion outboard engine you need please contact us on 07595638185.