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We have had many conversations with customers on why they should seriously consider owning a motor cruiser or yacht, as opposed to a static caravan as a holiday home so we thought we should try and explain why we believe this is becoming increasingly popular.

Like all our advice we hope that this page will inspire you to check things out further for yourself or if you prefer feel free to call us.

Static Caravans vs Live-aboard

With static caravans site fees can be high with many insisting that your static is no older than 15 years old.  So even the most loved and cared for van the costs per year can be quite eye watering.

Research has shown that more and more people are moving to weekend/ week boats as live-aboards in marinas and lochs.  The advantages  of a live-aboard (whether as a weekend retreat or a year-round permanent home) include:

  • A cruiser or yacht is a fraction of the cost in mooring fees compared to site rents
  • There is no age restriction on the boats i.e. its life expectancy can be more than 15 years old
  • If you want to change location you can simply motor/ sail away!
  • Often, marinas have better facilities (open all year round too)
  • No horrific devaluation on the boat older than 10 years is based on condition
  • There is a wider variety of options in size and luxury catering for all budgets.
  • No compromise of equipment ie 24 Hook ups, wifi, TV’s showers etc
  • No problems with who is staying next to you as you can always move!
  • Opens up a lot of options for  trips ranging from a day to years.

In simple terms,  for a fraction of the cost per year you can be on a fully equipped boat with shower, toilet, TV, wifi, multiple bedrooms, kitchen and lounge area and if you want a change of scenery  all you need to do is take your boat to a new location. We would also like to add that you have far more choice.


As keen boaters ourselves for us the downsides are small but here a few that we would like you to consider:

  • Pump Out/ refilling of water. Obviously depends on the size of boat, people, how often it is used but it is something to consider.
  • Anti-fouling: This is a dirty job and needs to be done every few years to stop algae growing on the hull
  • Some marina’s ask prefer you boat to be out of the water during the winter.
  • TLC. Boats are like houses i.e. a little TLC goes a long way and though we would not expect any higher costs than static if you are not a keen DIY person getting help can be harder.


How we can help source a live-aboard

The first thing we do is understand what you will be using it for, how many people  will be staying on the boat, where you would like to be based, what facilities you want (ranging from basic to high luxury), how often it will be used, your budget, how much renovation  (if any) you want to do etc.

We then discuss the pro’s and con’s of the different options available as there is always a wide range of options and we prefer to get a better understanding of what’s really important and what’s more a ‘nice to have’.

We then find you a few boats that meet your requirements, arrange a viewing of the boat (if its possible depending on location), then if you are delighted with your selection, we can arrange for a marine survey to ensure it is structurally sound (just like you would if buying a house). Once the seller and the purchaser have agreed the price, we can help you organise the logistics and arrange for it to be delivered to your preferred marina or loch/inlet.

All you need to do is then enjoy your holiday home and remember to recommend us to your friends and family.

For further information please call Ashton Marine Services on 07595 638185