Electric Backup Outboard Engine

Backup engines in the real world have several frustrating problems for boat users that most of us have experienced i.e.

Bad fuel – the reason for over 90% of outboard problems. In practice, Petrol based outboards require a fresh fuel supply purchased from a reputable fuel station and certainly never more than a couple of months old.

Small outboards have an annoying habit of suffering from salt and debris build up, due in part to their smaller cooling pipes, the only way around this is to flush them out on a regular basis. 

Petrol engine outboards perform and survive best when thoroughly warmed up and not just started and run for a few brief seconds at the start of every trip (that’s if we remember!) this is imperative to prevent premature engine wear and the risk of engine seizure.

Unlike electric backup outboard engines internal combustion engines require regular servicing (time and money), an absolute must, as these engines are only there to get you to safe place, so they really need to be in good working order.

In summary – we have all lived with the hidden costs and the associated hassle of a petrol engine backup outboard and the reality is we’ve never really considered purchasing an electric backup outboard engine due to the battery life and subsequent limited range.

That Ladies and Gentlemen has thankfully changed – A new generation of Electric Backup Outboard Engines with real life performance, range and duration has arrived.


ePropulsion Electric Outboards

Now that battery life and the ensuing range is so much enhanced together with the far higher and constant torque of an electric outboard engine Ashton Marine Services now use them as our axillary/backup outboard engine of choice.

For boats sub 1.5 tons we have found that the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus with its LCD display, and floating battery (Yes, it floats if you drop in water!) has easily enough range to get us to a safe heaven.

We also have:

  • No requirement to regularly flush the engine
  • No servicing costs and associated travel to an outboard servicing company
  • No worries about needing to change the impeller
  • Delighted that it is hassle free for 20,000 + hours
  • No pull start and far easier to operate so can be used by everyone

Summing up – we see the ePropulsion electric outboard engines as a massive game changer for a lot of our clients. 

For further information on the full range of ePropulsion Electric Backup Outboard engines please contact – Ashton Marine Services 07595 638185 or click here to send us a message

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