ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus 1kW Electric Outboard Motor

Spirit 1.0 Plus – 1kW (3hp equivalent) Portable Electric Outboard

Introducing ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus: 25% more battery capacity and 48V rated voltage. Now includes Free carry bags!

Incredibly Versatile

The impressive performance makes the Spirit 1.0 Plus an outboard motor of terrific versatility suitable for all types of environments.

The electric outboard can be used on the sea as a backup outboard for small boats i.e. less than 1.5 tonnes, for a tender and for small yachts and dinghy’s. Currently we use this electric outboard for our own RIB’s and warrior 165 as a replacement for our petrol axillary engine.

Though we have detailed this engine below here is brief summary of why we feel this is the way forward

  • No servicing of the outboard 
  • No worries about petrol going off
  • No need to flush the engine
  • Very impressive range on a 1.5 ton boat as a back up engine
  • Can be linked to your current batteries to even further extend the range

As a company we believe that boating should be simple and the less we need to worry about flushing out engines, fuel etc the better.  Having now used this electric outboard we are now 100% confident that this will be our axillary engine.

Incredible Efficiency

Spirit 1.0 Plus has an incredible efficiency up to 55%. Its 1kW motor could deliver the propulsive power equivalent to a 3 HP petrol engine.

3HP 55dB Maintenance
Equivalent Propulsive Power Max Noise Free


Lightweight with Impressive Power

Industry Leading

Spirit Plus has industry leading performance, reliability and noise control

The Spirit 1.0 Plus easily matches a 3-hp petrol outboard and provides more than sufficient propulsion for a 10 ft Tender, or can work as an auxiliary power for a Sail Boat of up to 1.5 tonnes.

Huge Capacity

1276Wh from the 24 Lithium cells

Battery Details – 24 Li-Po battery cells and an advanced BMS (battery management system) are incorporated inside. The layout is heat dissipation oriented to ensure full power running for an entire hour. Multiple shake proof design has been applied.

  1. User-Friendly Battery Carrying Handle
    The ergonomic design means you can easily carry the battery with minimum effort
  2. Dual Mounting Slots
    A mounting slot on both sides of the battery help you quickly align and fix the battery in position
  3. Independent Charging Port
    Charging and discharging can happen simultaneously meaning a solar panel can be connected to provide constant power during sunny days.
  4. Protective Vent
    A high-quality vent effectively balancing the air pressure inside the battery housing maintaining a healthy working environment beneficial to the service life of the battery
  5. Lifting Buckle
    Designed to facilitate placing in or lifting up the battery. Helping to quickly swap to spare battery while on board
  6. Flame-Retardant Battery Housing
    Besides protection from the advanced BMS built inside the battery, the housing material that meets the highest plastics flammability grade V-0 offers double security
  7. Metal Electrical Connector
    A robust electrical connector made of high-quality stainless steel with PVD (physical vapor deposition) processing achieves corrosion-free connectivity


Battery 8.7kg – Motor 10.6kg

The Spirit 1.0 Plus electric outboard pushes the limit of range with its high energy efficiency, propeller design, and battery capacity. It includes one large 1276 Wh battery, the largest for a electric motor of this size

Floating Battery

Safe and worry free

The Spirit battery satisfies the IP67 protection standard and operates in any conditions. It’s lightweight and compact, but contains plenty of energy. Weighing in at just 8.8kg, it can also float! 


Robust design built to last

83 Day Test
The motor was run continuously for 83 days

It passed with flying colours, and could have run many more

Maintenance Free
No servicing, No winterising

Direct Drive
Less moving parts, more efficient

Maintenance-Free 2,000 hrs in Testing Direct Drive
Save time at work and spend more time on the water The most rigorous testing of continuous operation ensures a robust design The amount of moving parts is reduced massively, including gear box

Perfect, even after 2,000 hours of testing – On 13th December 2016 ePropulsion ran a continuous operation test on the Spirit 1.0 Plus of 2,000 hrs (two and half months). It passed with flying colours, and could have run many thousands of hours more. On a traditional conventional petrol outboard engine maintenance has to be undertaken every 50-100 hours

 Solar Panel and 12V Compatible

The Spirit 1.0 Plus battery is compatible with solar panels. You could potentially charge it during a whole sunny day with the power at economical speed or from a 12v auxiliary output

No Fuel Leaks

No oil, No petrol, No worries

Keep Your Hands and Clothes Clean – Annoyed by the usual oil stain on your shirts or hands? Spirit 1.0 Plus leaves no oil stain at all

No Exhaust

No Carbon Dioxide – No Carbon Monoxide – No Sulphur Dioxide

Avoid Exhaust Inhalation – There is no combustion so there is no way that you will inhale any toxic exhaust fumes that you get from a petrol engine.

100% Exhaust Free – ePropulsion gives you a 100% exhaust free boating experience

No Fuel to Leak Exhaust-Free Less Carbon Emissions
Leakage is quite common with a petrol outboard – not with the Spirit 1.0 Plus You won’t breathe in any engine exhaust fumes Reduce your carbon emissions and protect the environment

ePropulsion is committed to providing a green boating drive system, helping to alleviate the environmental problems we face today.

No Noise

Whisper quiet, peaceful and considerate

FOC 55 dB Comfortable Tiller
Field-oriented control (FOC) smoothes the motor operating with less vibration Max operating noise equals the db level of a normal conversation No  uncomfortable vibrations when holding the tiller

Pleasant Travel – You won’t even notice the noise of the motor, so relax and immerse yourself on the experience of the water. There’ll be no more speaking loudly over a noisy petrol outboard!

A petrol outboard engine could never compete with an electric outboard motor on noise control. Have a pleasant conversation and be easily heard.


Petrol outboards in the 2.5 HP to 5 HP range, have a run time of less than 45 min at wide open throttle. The Spirit 1.0 Plus offers 75 minutes

Range in a 3m Tender

Spirit 1.0 Plus has a 1276Wh integrated battery. At full throttle 1000 Watts, you get 6.2 mph for 75 minutes and a range of 7.75 miles. If you reduce the throttle to 25%, which is 250 Watts, you will get 4.4 mph for 5 hours with a range of 22 miles.

Range at 4.4 mph = 22 miles

Range at 6.2mph = 7.75 miles

Range in a 21ft Sailing Boat

Range at 5.5mph = 6.5 miles

Range at 4.5 mph = 9 miles

Range at 3.5 mph = 11 miles

Test conditions
Wind: F3
Tide flow: 1.4 knots
Location: Hamble River
Distance: 5.15 miles
Time: 1 hour 22 minutes
Battery amount used: 39%

ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus Performance







(Miles / Km)

125 3.5 / 5.6 10:00 35 /56
250 4.4 / 7.1 5:00 22 / 35.5
500 5.3 / 8.5 2:30 13.3 / 21.3
750 5.7 / 9.2 1:40 9.5 / 15.3
1000 6.2 / 10 1:15 7.8 / 12.5

The speed data was tested with a 12ft aluminium boat in calm lake water with 2 people on board.

Comparison to a Petrol Combustion Engine Outboard 

ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus 3.5 HP Outboard
Energy Stored Energy Stored
1.27 Kwh 9.7 Kwh
Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency
59% 5%
Power at Propeller Power at Propeller
550 w 570 w
Runtime Full Throttle Runtime Full Throttle
75 Minutes 42 Minutes

The chart above shows the propulsive power and the efficiency of our electric outboard compared to a combustion outboard. You can see the electric motor produces a very similar propulsive figure to the combustion motor but uses the energy in a much more effective manner

  ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus 3.5 HP Outboard
Drive Mode Direct Gear Box
Maintenance Maintenance Free Every 50 Hours
Cooling System Natural Cooling Seawater Cooling
Starting Electric Pull Start
Half Speed Running 5 Hours 2.5 Hours
Trolling Speed Run Time 13 Hours 5 Hours
Reverse Gear Yes No
Runtime Display Yes No
Helm Steering Yes No


  1. Power Connector
    Robust connector made of high quality stainless steel
  2. Safety Latch
    Locks the battery securely in place
  3. Foldable Tiller
    Easy, compact stowage
  4. Magnetic Kill Switch
    Instantly stops the motor in emergencies
  5. Highly Efficient Motor
    Industry leading performance, reliability and noise
  6. 3 Shaft Lengths
    Giving you the perfect option for your boat
  7. User-Friendly Battery Handle
    Easily carry the battery with little effort


  • Input Power
  • Motor Weight
  • Battery Weight
  • Battery Capacity
  • Control
    Tiller and Remote
  • Shaft Length
    Short and Long


  • Basic Motor 2-Year
  • Battery 2-Year
    (Non-Commercial Use Only)


  • Kill stop switch
  • IP67 ingress protection
  • Propeller collision emergency stop
  • Reinforced transom mounting
  • Low battery indicator
  • Over temperature protection


  • Lithium-ion polymer battery
  • 44.8 V nominal voltage
  • 51.2 V final charging voltage
  • 33 V cut-off voltage
  • 0°C – 45°C charging temperature -10°C – 60°C operating temperature
  • Over 80% capacity after 800 cycles of 100% DOD
  • 3 hr charging time (Fast charger)
  • 7 hr charging time (Standard charger)
  • Battery management system
  • Floating design


  • Foldable tiller design
  • Integrated display
  • Solar panel compatible, max 180 W
  • Protective beach mode
  • Tiller or remote options


  • Rated RPM 1,200
  • 316 N / 71 lbs static thrust
  • 55% overall efficiency
  • Natural cooling
  • Direct drive
  • Field-oriented motor control
  • Trim angles including 0°, 7°, 14° & 21°
  • Tilt angle 75°
  • 28 × 14.7cm / 11 × 5.8” inches propeller
  • Step less forward and reverse
  • 360° tiller steering, direction lockable

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