ePropulsion eLite vs Spirit 1.0 plus

This page is designed to show the key differences between the stunning and very light eLite  500W ePropulsion engine and the award winning best in class Spirit 1.0 plus

eliteSpirit 1 plus
Power 500W 1kw
Battery capacity325 Wh1276 Wh
Max transom hight 42 cm 50 cm
Weight 6.7 kg10.6 engine 8.7kg battery
Extending tillerYESExtension avaiable
2nd battery optionNOYES but v rarely needed
Floating BatteryNo (its integrated )YES
Remote throttle optionNOYES on evo version
Suitable as a also a back up engineNOYES max boat 1.6 tons
BagYES branded so do not leave on displayOptional unbranded £75.00

The ePropulsion eLite 500W electric motor is perfect for canal, lakes, lochs, marinas and short journeys to a mooring where there is a tide / current of less than 2 knots.

It is ultra light compared to petrol engines and has far less moving parts so more reliable as there is simply less to go wrong.

If in the lifetime of ownership ie around 3,000 recharge cycles you need

  • More power
  • Longer range ( sprit battery is 3.9 times larger capacity)
  • Use other boats up to 1.6 tons
  • Want increased versatility
  • Use your boat/ tender in tidal waters
  • Need a longer shaft length

We strongly recommend that you look at the Spirit 1.0 Plus award winning best in class outboard.

Why buy the eLite

  • Though the spirit range comes in 2 parts and is lighter than petrol engines the ePropulsion elite is only 6.7kg
  • Some people don’t use their tender /boat on the sea where there are tides quicker than 2 knots
  • It’s a lot cheaper than the Spirit 1 plus
  • It looks amazing!
  • You only plan to use it on smaller transom


The elite is a stunning addition to the ePropulsion range of outboards but is limited by battery capacity.  The spirit range gives far more versatility and power but it does cost more!

If you are unsure of which engine is best for you please contact us by clicking here or calling 0759 5638185