ePropulsion Electric Motors for Commercial markets

As a main dealer for ePropulsion, Ashton Marine Services specialises in solutions for commercial sectors as follows:

Demonstrating electric motor solutions to commercial marine sectors.

This incorporates a wide variety of commercial operators where the sector is new to using electric propulsion.

Projects so far have included

Adding ePropulsion engines as back up engines to a wide variety of work boats including RIB’s , aluminium work boats,  e boats for the Falkirk Wheel, to  a safety engine on a 30+ foot rowing boat that will attempt the North West Passage, safety boats etc.

Most of these projects are aimed at resolving business issues ie

  • Working in shallow waters
  • Towing or pushing heavy loads ie bags of seaweed, towing canal boats
  • Reducing down time from engine failure ie fuel issues,  gearbox problems from going quickly from forward to reverse, overheating due to cooling vents being blocked.
  • Improving TCO (total cost of ownership.
  • Working towards the zero emissions directive

Key sectors

We are the only ePropulsion dealer to exhibit at the main shows for:

  • Commercial fishing ( Skipper Expo)
  • Aquaculture (Aviemore)
  • Canal Boats  ( Crick Boat show)

For more information, demonstrations, proof of concept testing for commercial  operations for boats up to 250 tons please contact us by clicking here or calling direct on 07595638185