Norden Boats Overview

The Norden range of boats are the first aluminium sports utility vessels (SUVs) to be sold in the UK.

Norden Aluminium boats

A sports utility is simply a solid boat that has air chambers incorporated into the gunwales to provide extra stability and buoyancy.   Due to the hull shape and buoyancy, there is far less rolling movement than on standard solid boats whilst avoiding the disadvantages of a RHIB.  So this means these boats have:

  • Increased deck space
  • Reduced cost of ownership with no requirement for tube repairs and replacement
  • High gunwales to keep you dry
  • Lots of storage
  • No need for UV protection of tubes
  • No ongoing wear and damage to tubes getting on and off the boat

The cabins and enclosures also give added protection to skipper and crew when the foul weather closes in, with two speed windscreen wipers to improve visibility for the skipper in wet conditions.

The extra stability and safety built into this boat open the opportunities for when the boat can be used due to less movement and a ride that is far more comfortable.

Norden stability

The use of aluminium for the hull and structure increases durability and reduces maintenance requirements.  The range is also far more environmentally friendly as the aluminium hull can be readily recycled at end of lifetime.

Although new to the UK, this design of boat is well proven across the world – especially in Australasia and increasingly in North America, and Ashton Marine are excited to share this new concept.

Currently there are 3 different model/sizes of these boats as shown below. Click on the model to see more information.

Norden 600
Norden 695
Norden 770


MAXIMUM LENGTH6.0m /19.69 feet6.95m / 22.8 feet7.70m / 25.26
BEAM2.25m / 7.38 feet2.45m / 8.03 feet2.45m / 8.03 feet
DRAFT1.1m /3.6 feet1.20m /3.941.29 / 4.23
ENGINE SHAFT LENGTHExtra LongExtra LongExtra Long
DRY WEIGHT980Kg1450Kg1630Kg
MAXIMUM POWER150hp250Hp350Hp
MINIMUM POWER115hp175Hp200Hp

Our initial demo boat is a Norden 600 running a 115 HP Yamaha engine and equipped with a variety of additional options for comparison purposes.  This can be seen at Largs Marina, and sea trails are available on request. 

For further information or to book a sea trail please click here or contact us on 07595 638185


Ashton Marine Services Ltd are the exclusive dealer for the north of England and Scotland.  The boats can be purchased as a bare boat or as a complete package.  Currently we don’t offer trade in deals but we are happy to broker your existing boat for you if this would help.