RIBs Marine Services

We are delighted to add RIB Marine Services as a partner having used the ourselves and being delighted with the service they provide.

RIBs Marine Services Ltd started of as a small family business that has grown over the years and though staff count has grown Craig  and his family still run the business and are very hands on.

Based in Clynder on the Clyde Estuary  this team are fantastic at repairing your RIB, re-tubeing and will make any modifications i.e changing consoles, adding/removing seats, putting in bottle racks etc.,

In our experience you simply cannot find a better team in Scotland.  They are also happy to carry out GRP repairs for all types of boats such as gel coat work, modifications, damaged boats etc.

Last but not least RIB’s Marine Services build boats including the famous ‘Champ’ fishing boat and we will write more information on this soon.

For more information please visit: http://www.ribsmarineservices.co.uk/