Canal Boat Electric Inboard Motors

In 2023 ePropulsion  launched the new range of electric inboard engines for narrowboats and widebeams and became the only engine manufacturer to offer a single source solution including their own batteries and inverters.

This gives several key advantages

  • Batteries are far cheaper as ePropulsion make their own
  • A single manufacturer to deal with ie far easier support
  • Plug and play
  • Optimised for maximum efficiency, increasing range and reducing battery requirements

Moving to electric engines has some very distinct and obvious advantages similar to sea going boat solutions where ePropulsion have become the market leader in the UK ie:

  • Virtually Silent
  • No need to service
  • Reliability
  • No belt driven solutions
  • Reduced licence costs
  • No need to run an engine to top up batteries
  • Instant torque
  • No gear box
  • Increased boat value if the boat is sold
  • Eco-friendly
  • Single source solution

All of these benefits come from the worlds largest and highest rated electric engine manufacturer in the marine sector.

The solution

ePropulsion offer 10, 20, 40, 100 kw  inboard engines with typically 20kw being required for narrowboats from 50-60 feet and the 40Kw engines for the widebeam boats. 

Like traditional canal boat engines these can be used with the standard Narrowboat tiller steering and either a side mount or top mount throttle.

Batteries for this range of inboard engines (i-series|) are also made by ePropulsion from Lithium Ferros phosphate in 10kw packs. These batteries work well in a very wide temperature range ie to minus 15 degrees and are the same ones that are fitted to commercial workboats ie more than exceed the required safety  standards.

By also making other key components for the I series inboards range ie inverters,  Narrowboat manufactures and users benefit from an optimised performance and support from a single company.

Solar charging

Solar charging has become increasingly popular as part or all of the solution and though many marinas are installing an increasing number of charging points solar efficiency is now at a level where significant gains can be made.   This means that we can increase the range further for canal boat owners and are happy to discuss this with you.

Some common questions from Narrowboat/ widebeam owners and boat builders

What weight is the engine?

Amazingly they are between 40 and 50Kg depending on what model of I-series you need

How heavy are your battery packs?

Each pack is 10kw and comes in at around 100kg and is the size of a small suitcase

Do ePropulsion make everything?

The only key component that does not come from ePropulsion is solar panels and hence the solution is optimised for performance and makes support far easier.

Why chose us at Ashton Marine Services as the dealer?

We are the only company that works with ePropulsion focused on the Narrowboat/ widebeam market and deliver solutions UK wide.

We are also the only company that works with them at the aquaculture and commercial fishing shows.

We have over 200+ 5 star google reviews and have a showroom dedicated to ePropulsion solutions

Ashton Marine Service have a number of world firsts and various testing of their solutions in a wide variety of applications from a support engine for the north west passage rowing expedition to back up engines on commercial RHIB’s to e boat solutions at the Falkirk wheel on the Scottish canal network 


In summary ePropulsion can provide a full plug and play electric solution or a hybrid solution for your narrowboat / widebeam canal boat.  It does not need to be complex using numerous different suppliers and as a result typical installations take less than a day.

For further information or a quick budgetary quote please contact us on 07595638185 or click here

ePropulsion I-series electric inboard motors